Woe of a Big Site: And How to Prepare Your Site for Growth

If you have ever created a website it would be your dream that it should grow big and become famous. It is not easy and many new webmasters fail to comprehend that many big websites face a number of problems. This articles describes how to prepare your site for growth so that you would face less problem in future.

Traffic (Bandwidth) Problems

It is important how everyone face trouble with traffic. Not too many people visit the small websites and this is the problem with them. When the same site soar up in popularity it faces the same problem i.e. too much traffic.

While commence a website the typical space required would not be more than 5GB. The space allotted is known as Bandwidth. The space of 5GB looks suffice but as soon as site grows, that space would be insufficient and you would be searching for how to increase your bandwidth and the overpriced charges your host demand for. You web host might have 100% uptime and you are satisfied with the services but oblivious to the fact what would happen if you need extra space. Taking a dedicated server would be too costly. One of the previous hosts of my website would shut my site for a week if I exceed my bandwidth. I was amazed how I could miss that. The next bandwidth most hosts provide is in block of 5. So the next allocated bandwidth would be 10GB. It is a fact that when you reach the limit you would like to exceed the bandwidth by some 500MB, 1GB or at most 2GB (until you have done some heck of an advertising).

Before choosing a web host you must check out the Bandwidth. They should charge you with the amount of bandwidth and not with the extra space they provide. Some of the hosts display the term “Unlimited Bandwidth” and it good to read all their terms and conditions in which they make clear everything.

Too Many Pages to Update

When I first created this website I did not used any theme or plugin. I made the entire site myself without the help of any blogging platform like WordPress and Blogger and soon my obstinacy to not use any platform turned into a nightmar. Thins like header, navigation bar and footer remain same in all the pages but whenever I have to make some change inside the content I have to do manually in 60 or 70 pages and it took me more than one and a half hour just to update a article.

If you do not want to use any platform and use your own coded theme than make separate PHP files for header, side body, footer and include them through PHP tag:

What I mean to say is even if your site has a few pages but you would be updating it and hence organizes your site for growth. You might be thinking that you would not exceed these limits but when I started this website I had 7 pages and I did not thought it would have more than 300 pages.


This is not my first website. I made ArsenalDirectory.com which was just a hobby website. So, all I wanted is a free host and a domain name that I have bought. I was new and did not think it would generate revenue but I was wrong. I underestimated that hobby of mine. At that moment I should have worked seriously even though it was a hobby taking the proper web hosting.

If you have hosted your website that is cheap than they would not provide you the help you need like technical support and Google about it. It must have an uptime monitor. Most cheap hosting servers are down which result in loss of visitors. The help they provide should include having backups, security Issue, FTP software’s and a good interface. You need this kind of help so if anything goes wrong they would be able to fix that as soon as possible. Otherwise that cheap hosting is going to very costly afterwards.

When you have a small website in terms of traffic than having a server down would cost you few visitors but as it starts to gain visitors every minute is important. You simply cannot afford to disappoint your visitors. On the first page Google shows 10 results and for every keyword there are more than 100 pages. So if you are not there for your visitors they are not going to wait. They will move to another location.

I am not saying that you should spend money but know about the good hosting services in advance so when you have to move host you know where you have to go. Hosting services of web hosts like Hostgator.com and Bluehost.com are exceptionally well but they cost a little high than the other hosts. That price is worth as they provide instant technical support and fix security issues as soon as you contact them.

The one extra thing that you have to keep in mind is that your website should load fast in all the four browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE. You have to move and would get no option as soon as you got swarm of visitors but that would buy you time. If you are curious I am using HostGator.com and I am very satisfied with the services they have provided.

Planning for Growth

I have written hat article so that you can prepare your site for growth and the best time to do it is when your site is young and started to gain popularity. Then you will not have to worry where to move and do not wait till you reach the bandwidth. As soon as you utilize 95% of the bandwidth upgrade it.