Why a website is not ranking good in search engines

This is the thing that has happened to me in the past and I was so oblivious to the mistakes that I did not even realize I was making it. Here are the common reasons that your website might be indexed by the Google but are not appearing in the Search engines.

1.Home page of your Website

Home page of your website is the heart of your website. It makes visitors know what this site has to offer to them.

  • Your home page is bundled with flash animation and there is no relevant query for search engine to make out about your site.
  • When your home page displays something like this: “Enter” to access this website.
  • Everything displays into web images and even into of your site is embedded in the form of an image.

When spiders will crawl your website they would have nothing to pick and in such case they would index your home page but would not able to give you rank if you want to appear in the search engine pages.

The most essential thing is that your home page at least contains text. They would not have a premonition about your site as you have embedded all it in the form of flash. Google might be able to pick up something or most likely nothing at all whereas other search engines would not even have a clue what you have in your site.

If you have what I have mentioned above than remove these bulky and flash images and replaces it with a home page that has some text. This would make more visitors know what your site is about and it would also look proficient. If you have some online gaming and things like that than only you should use flash otherwise use it only when it is necessary.

2. Lot of Images than Words: Words have more credibility than pictures

When it comes to ranking in search engines than a few words have far more authority than a image which is useless to search engine. Search engine cannot make out what the picture is all about. Any image to them is useless and if your page is filled with lots of images than it is all in vain. There is a method to make them know what the picture is all about.ranking factor of search engine especially Google

When you use the image tag, always remember to use the “alt” attribute. In this way you can define the description of an image.

In this way your image also gets indexed and ranked in the search engines but if you want to get ranked by Google then you should have content on your site.

3.Do not use javascript to generate links

I have seen that besides the webmaster doing all the things right, they still do not get ranked. This is because they are generating links and content using javascript of AJAX which is not advisable. This type of linking prohibit search engine to seek links on the website.

4.Do you do not have even a single backlink

This is the mistake that I have done besides being writing a quality content I was not noticed by search engine. It is not difficult to get indexed but in order to get ranked in SERP’s there should be at least one or two website linking to you.

5.Unauthorized Practice

If you have applied some tricks of black hat like exchanging links or you do not have content but you have filled it with keywords in order to search better. If they are going to know you have gone against the search engine guidelines they are going to penalize you.

How to measure the Degree of search engine affability on your site

Configure your website without the use of any plugins or javascripts. The website you see is approximately what the search engine see. Suppose your website does not show anything in this case then how the search engine will able to make out anything from it.

If there is no keyword relevancy then you are not even close to get ranked. If you are able to access to any other page from home page then search engine will also have trouble in finding the links of other pages as well.

If you have trouble in configuring your site without plugins then you can use opera browser. In opera web browser it is very easy to enable and disable plugins and javascript. If you are using Windows then press F12 and ALT+F12 if you are using Mac and just remove the check from the radio button on “Enable java”. It will take out all the javascript from your browser and again check this radio button to enable javascript.

You can disable all the plugins, images and javascript and then see your website in the opera browser.

1. Open opera Browser.
2. Click on the Opera Image at the topmost left corner of your Windows.
3. Go to Settings.
4. Click on Websites
5. Check the “Block all” box in plugin section
6. Check the “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript” in the javascript section.
7. View your website in the new tab
8. This is how your website appears to the search engine.

I am not pushing you to use Opera but this is the easiest way to check the appearance of your website. You should use the browser you like but as a webmaster you must know the quality of all the browsers and to test your website on all the browsers.

You should always keep in mind the need of audience while designing the theme or selecting a theme for your website. When you write content the keyword appearing in the title must appear in the article at least two times. It will increase the probability of indexing your website.

You might want to use sitemap if you are not indexed in the search engine. It is a way to keep track of all the pages on your website.