Website you should Create to Earn Money

have been running this website for past few months. A guy from Bangladesh quote me what type of website should I create in order to have my earning from website only.

Let me give you this straight, if he has the main objective of earning money than most surely he is not going to earn well unless he know a lot about how these things work.

People who are going to pay you want something in return. If you have something valuable to offer them then only you would get something in return.

What makes people successful?

You might have read some success and inspirational stories. “I am working from home; I am a full time working mom and still earn 3K.” To look at their success stories there are certain things that have made them successful.

1.Less than 1% of the webmasters are able to earn from their websites.

I know webmasters whose earnings are that low as $40 per month. Most of the people are not able to earn through their websites and there are very little webmasters who have succeeded in this field. I am not dispiriting you but that is the bitter truth.

2. Hard work is the key.

People who are earning can show you that they are relaxed now and do not have to go to find a job or something but the truth is they have worked very hard over a period of time and this period is in years to make it a successful one.

3. Knowledge over a subject website that generate money

If does not matter what type of services you offer to your clients but they should be quality one through your websites and it requires knowledge in that field. Webmasters who have turned their ventures successful had skills about what they offer. It might be tutorials, information or cooking recipes but content does matter.

4. You should have firm determination

You just cannot have one or two post and call your day off. All the things are easy when you want but they are quite difficult when you have to do. You must love your work. People who got their fortune would say that they have worked for 2-3 hours a day but they had not count the number of hours they have been seeking the information, learning it and updating on their sites. It is not a shortcut to get rich but it demands determination and the best thing if you got successful that you are working for yourself not for others and no one is able to exploit you.

What makes a website a quality one?

1.It must have Fresh or Original Content.

You will be standing in the crowd if you copy the content of others and most likely to get indexed lower than the website you have copied the content from. If must have something unique to offer and search engines love fresh and original content. There are websites who have the same thing in one way or other and they stand next to each other if they do so. If you want to be on the top write posts that are unique and have lots of content in it.

2.The content must be Useful

If you have posts that are not relevant to the topic and have no point reading them, than you are surely going to lose visitors. People are in here for information and if you do not give them what they want they would go to another link. You must write exactly keeping in mind your audience.

Types of Websites you should create?

You have to create original content and for it you must have some sort of specialization or knowledge in your field. Choose a topic of your interest because you have to write a lot about it and you are going to provide that information only if you know about it. If you do not have interest in topic you are not going to get far if you lose interest.

1. Make website that belongs to your field. It you know a lot about tax, you should give advice to people through your website how can they save tax.

Some of you consider yourself that you are good for nothing all you do is play football and sleep. If you have passion for football then tell people about the transfer news, score cards and all the major ups and down that could happen.

You must know in what area you are interested. What is the thing that holds you on top amongst your friends? There would be something and that is your area of interest.

2. If you have passion for photography then you can make a website on photography describing the best cameras in specific range and what kind of lenses they can use to shoot from a particular camera.

Do not worry if you have nothing to loose

If you feel that you do not have any kind of talent just start a blog about your personal life. Some webmaster will think this is an absurd idea but this is how people find their interest later in their life and sooner or later they would know about a topic to write on. You would write for months and visitors must be reading a particular category the most and that will highlight your area of specialization.

Some people struggle when they write as they know they can speak better than they can write. So, you can record your voice and upload it on your website and if you know that your appearance is the key than you can put a video or you can do both the above three or two then you definitely have the advantage.

Points to keep in mind before starting a Website

If you want to earn decent earning through your websites than you should consider the following steps:

1. Do not but in area with too many competitors.

Do not jump in where there are too many competitors as they have high quality of content plus they have done search engine optimization to a greater extent that is not possible to beat if you are just starting up. Choose an area that has very little competition so that the visitor will reach up to your website only. After some time, you will have spectators that will come regularly to your website and more number of visitors means more money.

How to seek which topic is too competitive?

Have you checked spam in your mailbox? Try to avoid creating website that spammers love to spam. Topic like make money through gambling, make money online and how to earn money sitting at home gets more spammed and there are chances that they will not appear in the search.

2.Topics that have recently gained attention are good place to commence.

If you have a keen interest in directing a short movie than you can do it, all you need is a webcam and people who are willing to participate in it. You do not have to be in some direction studio or need television to gain exposure. You can edit videos and yourself can add special effects with help of software’s. You can put that video in your website and attract visitors. You might be thinking as a joke but the best example is Justin Bieber. He got famous from You Tube and had multi-millions views of his performance. He got famous from You Tube not of his own website than if you are uploading a video than it is always advisable that people can see it on You Tube so that they can found on you Tube as well as Google Search.

I am not saying that you should be directing a movie or something unless you want to do. All you want is an area of expertise to spread knowledge. I want to give you an example that I always wanted to learn programming and I have learned from the internet. I came in contact with the webmaster from whom I learned programming and he told me that he has started his website only one year ago offering free tutorials on computer programming languages and now earning between 5K-7K per month. He had a passion for programming and tuned his passion into profession.

3.Set your Target

As soon as you find your area of interest the first step is to define your Goal. You should attract sponsors and this should be your first step to earn money.

You should do internal linking of your website so that the visitor will stay as long as possible. There is high probability that they will click on the ads if they stay longer.

4.Write as much as you can

Set a target that you have to write at least 3000 words a day and as your speed increases boost it to 4000 and then 5000. If you want to see money coming then this is the most essential thing you have to focus on and the more time to spend on.

5. As soon as your website gains popularity the best way to make money is to sign up for Google Adsense. You can earn money through Google Adsense.

It is the easiest way and no matter the website is on large scale or small scale anyone can utilize this tool. You will get paid based on the number of clicks people do on your website on the ads displayed.

6.The best way now days to earn online is to do affiliate marketing. You will get paid for selling items of other websites on your websites.

In short, you will earn money as a referral. These programs are free to join and anyone who owns a website can sign up for it.

Now you know what type of website you should create in order to earn money then should get yourself started. You will make money if you are making a website but the amount you are going to earn depends directly on you.