Web Design mistakes you should avoid

The web design should be simple, vivid and easy to comprehend. Do not try to add too much functionality by using weird CSS tricks or installing too much plugins that are not required. There are many mistakes people generally commit while designing the websites. I know fro the experience what I have done and want to teach you so that you should not do the same mistakes.

1.What the site is offering

Most newbie’s make it complex by not making vivid design and the navigation bar offers information about everything possible. The website should give information about a specific topic or two so that the user would seek exactly what he is after. If the surfer find it’s time waste, he might not go but there are very high chances he will not come back.

2. Do not throw anything on window load

I have seen in some websites as soon as I go over there the start playing music or start a video which ultimately results in closing these websites. It is your website but you have to keep your audience in mind. Give your spectators a chance to find and play what they need. The website should be load as prompt as possible and I will give you a piece of advice to create multimedia context.

3. Registration must not be mandatory

When someone comes to your website he is looking for information and nobody wants to dawdle in signing up unnecessarily. It is good to have a registration system and registration on commenting system but you should not push to sign up as soon as the page loads. Have another things like “Subscribe” or “Enter your email address” as optional.

4. Do not concentrate too much on embedding flash

Flash give great animations, shadows and effects but it is possible with CSS and with the jQuery it is more beneficial to use jQuery rather than flash. Flash increases the loading time that annoys too much. You should use it unless your website offers online games, shopping, etc.

5. Font-size

The font-size should be easily readable and should not be too small or big. It should generally be in between 12 to 16px for the main content. Do not use weird colors that hurt eyes. A black font with a light background is very unique.

6. Every link should be live

If there is no page on clicking a link then this shows immaturity of the webmaster and the surfer would not like to visit your website again.

7. Navigation bar

The navigation bar gives the outlook of a website. You should not embed everything possible on the navigation bar. You can use drop down menus to create sub category of the main category.

8. Do not open additional windows

I thought that if I will open new windows I would likely to create more traffic but I was completely wrong. It is so annoying and you should completely give control to the user and it should be his choice whether he wants to open a new page or not. You should also not mess up with the browser width and height and if a thing like this then it is very likely the user will navigate away from your website.

9. Wrong Advertising

You are creating a website to add traffic and if you display ads of google adsense then you are advertising for other websites and they will navigate from your website to the other. It is sure that you will make money through that but unless you want it to happen use proper guidelines. You can make money through google adsense by following proper guidelines.

10. Avoid Scrolling horizontally

The website should have a maximum width of 980px or at max 1000px. It is not advisable to make full 100% width. Horizontal scrolling doers not look good and if you want to make it a mobile responsive navigation then it is very good.

11. Validity of forms

Webmasters generally use CAPTCHA images but sometimes the text is not readable. Instead you can put a question like”13+13=?” .These validators are easy to make and easily readable by the user while submitting a query to your website.

12. Set maximum height

You should set some maximum height but if you have a very long article of many words then it is okay. The long height displaying only ads is very irrelevant.

Now you know all the things so start a blog but try to keep it neat and tidy.

13. Left un-updated

Many webmasters make their website just for once and not update them for too long. Always keep your website updated and if you want to seek online visibility than update it on regular intervals.

14. Website Design

It does not even matter how much you are god at CSS and jQuery unless you made a website that looks good. It is a saying that “What looks good, sells good.” Make a website with light background and easily comprehensible.

15. Home Page Accessibility

Whenever you design a website just save it with the index.html or index.php because browsers algorithm make it as a home page. You do not want to change the setting and got yourself in complicated things so index must be the homepage while designing the website.