Using facebook, twitter, Google+ and other Social Media to Promote Your Business

The most inexpensive way to have visitors is social media. As per statistics billions of people are using this social networking site in every way possible. The most popular among them are facebook, Twitter, google+, LinkedIn and lat but not the least Google+.


  • Create a facebook page for your business and give people some offers they will not be able to refuse.
  • Quote people about a product. They are called as polls on facbook. If your website is selling watches then ask them which brand they like the most or what color of watch they would love to wear the most.
  • Tell your customers to add pictures. Just ask question “Add picture and caption of your favorite watch” which they like or bought from your online store. People like to be appreciated for their advice and choice.
  • Always mention the URL of your website at the end of the post.
    Upload a catch photo and give link in the caption as the Best collection of the summer.
  • You can minimize your load by allowing your subscriber to reach your personal page. It let you to send public updates as it can reach to your viewers. Subscribers could be anyone but they would definitely be the one who are interested in your posts.


  • More than half a billion people are using this platform and it could be the main area where you can attract visitors.
  • Add a link of your site in that page and offer your customers some untold truths and facts that make them want to click on the link to your site.
  • Add pictures that describe your business so that there would be more tweets.
  • Do not use all the characters that they provide. If you would leave some characters than people would be able to tag themselves and your website would also soar up in search engine ranking through SEO done through twitter.


  • Make a you Tube Account and add videos about your products and services you offer so that they will not only that videos but would like to share them too.
  • Organize a contest in which your customers would demonstrate in a short time how they have use your product and how did they get benefited from it.
  • If possible try to upload two videos in which you will tell your customers about the upcoming offers and how to use your product.
  • Whenever posting video make sure that a person should explain in an interesting way that want people to watch the whole video and they would subscribe later.
  • LinkedIn

    • Make a LinkedIn profile and add link to your netwoking media
    • Share the newsletter, reviews about a particular product and other necessary information that would make people about your site who are in your circles.
    • What you can do is pose questions about a goods and services you offer by joining different groups.
    • The one thing that people love is someone wants their advice and so ask them what they can do in order to be good at what they offer.
    • You can be an expert if you use the answer section which is rated by many other users who are on LinkedIn.


    • This is the answer of Google when it comes to social networking sites.
    • Share and update your Google+ profile about new products in your store and have circles to gain attention of your clients in your product.
    • People at Google+ keep themselves more updated in comparison to others. It is one of the best methods to gain visitors to your site.
    • Give your customers something interesting so that they would like to give their suggestions and feedback to a product.
    • Do not hesitate to begin a hangout with your clients and seek out what they are looking for and where are you in the competition and what you can do in order to make more sales