Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

What is domain name?

Domain name is basically the name of your website. It can be like Arsenal Directory or it can be anything you want but obviously you cannot have names like facebook or twitter. It is the name which you have given to you website.

Significance of having a good domain name

In case if you want to change the hosting of your site, your usual viewers do not even have to know about it as they know the name of your site or the url like”” which would bring them to the home page of your website.

If you have a business and you have some online visibility then people would be interested to do business with you rather than people who do not have domain name.

Having a domain name that explains type of products and services you sell can play huge role when audience type the keyword that eventually relates to your domain name. For e.g. if you are selling watches and the user googled “Cheapwatches” and you have your site name or something related to it then it is very likely that the spectators will visit your site.

Sponors also go to sites that have good domain name and have good Domain Authority.

How to register a Domain name

You have to go a registrar to register a domain your name. Generally you have to pay a fee of $8-$35 for a year and the same for another year. Some registrar offers a discount of 2-5% if you register it for 3 or 5 years.

There are some web hosting that wants you to pay only for the web host and the will do the domain registration for free while others charge both for the web host as well as the domain name.

It is always advisable to pay for the domain name as well as the web host because there are some companies that offer free web hosting and later you can get into massive trouble. With free web hosting there is always a problem of hosting your website and most of the time it will not be live. If you are serious about your business than it takes some investment and you have to at least pay for both the web host and the registration fee of domain. They make you the owner and everything will be systematic.

The paid registrar offers you to take all the contact like webmaster, sales, technical, etc. In case if one fails the other can be used and you also have to register with your main contact that is known as registered mail.

It is believed that majority of good domain names has already registered but I am skeptical about it because there are still of them left. Whatever be the case, ten dollars is not a big amount, everyone can afford it. So, if you have a good name in your mind you should be in a hurry or else you are definitely going to repent it.

Guide to register your domain name

You must have at least more than three names in your mind. If you go with only one than most likely you are going to disappoint yourself. If you are selling some product or service than you should have your website name related to it.

You have to give your credit card information or you can pay through paypal to own that domain and fill your basic information regarding the payment and the owner of the domain.

If you already have a web host than all you have to do is add the server name in the “Set nameserver” option or you can have a webhost or webspace after you pay for it. Most of the web hosting charge $3 per month according to your need and give a space of 500 MB which can be upgraded to 5000 MB. Do not be upset if you do not understand, just follow with me. The registrar also offers free e-mail accounts like, or it could be anything that is compatible with your domain.

Choose a .com, .edu, .org. etc. domains that mostly suits your business. These things are called top level domain or TLD.

Generally the .com attracts most of the visitors and is always preferred

If you have a non-profit organization it is advisable to have .org suffix domain. By having this the visitors will know the purpose of your website.

If you want to have a domain name that is solely for business purpose than you can go for .biz.

There are also top level domains that distiunguish between the countries like .on for India, .ru for Russia, .fr for france and the list goes on.

Which registrar is the best

There are many companies that provides domain name registration and there rated differ by a margin. Some of them offer special discounts on summer and on special occasions. Most likely they all charge around ten dollars for a .com TLD.


It is the word’s biggest domain registration company that offers domain for just less than 10$. They have everything systematic and I also manage this website through GoDaddy. They take only 6.99$ and twenty cents if you want to change the current registrar to GoDaddy. You can buy, sell or resell your domains. You can register from .com,.net to .in, .fr and toanything. The price differs according to the TLD of the domain. You can pay with your mastercard, credit card or via Paypal.

They offer domain name since very long. They also have special offers if you buy from them as they would give you free e-mail account. They offer all TLD,, .info, .org, .edu, .fr and many others.
When you complete the process of registering a domain, you can learn How to make or create a website

Warning and Conclusions

There are some websites that promise free web host or free domain name and if you are thinking of saving some money that you are going to loose the authority of your domain.

If you have decided to build a business that you should act right now. If you want to buy the domain name of your choice you shall register in now. I have missed some of the good names by just two days.