The top 10 seo Twitter tips

1. Choose a catchy @name

Pick a name that is catchy and is relevant to your products and services. Make sure that is not too big otherwise it would be difficult for visitors as they most likely to follow you as they come across you. Your name which is Username also appears on the URL. If I chose a username seomashable than it would appear as

2. Name is the Key

When it comes to optimization through twitter accounts name is the key. The text appears next to your image is the account name. It is generally different to the URL as username appears in the URL but account name should be somewhat related to that Username. You should also do some research for the brands that offers same products and services as you do.

3. Make your bio count

Twitters offers 140 characters per tweet but when it comes to set your bio it gives you 20 more. Make full use of it. The only thing that persistently get indexed is the bio that offer Twitter page with its significance.

4. Extend the Name

You have set up but the main aspect is to build link. When you have posted an article make sure people can tweet about that just as people can like an article through facebook. You should also separately have a twitter URL either on the footer or just below the navigation bar on your website so that people visited your website can follow you on twitter too. This optimization technique will soar up your twitter URL when it comes to search engines.
5. Do not be oblivious of your URL

The twitter does not help in building link due to the nofollow attribute. This attribute does not benefit to you as it does not offer any link juice.While changing the settings be certain to add your site’s URL to the Twitter account so that the people will easily navigate to your website as they came across you on Twitter itself.

6. Be vigilant while choosing the very first characters while tweeting

It has been noticed that approximately 40-42 characters are feedback to the title which also includes the twitter account name when it is being find through search engines. It is not about some initial characters that should look catchy but the whole tweet is indexed by the search engines.

7. If possible try to write tweets which are keyword rich

Try to begin your tweet with a keyword that suits to the topic in each note. You can also utilize the buzz and lingo words as they would likely to appear on top if someone searches through those terms. This does not mean you should write the whole tweet with the keywords and people would not be able to comprehend a single thing. Just write the tweets that will convey your message completely and are keyword rich too.

8.  Optimal retweetability

It is advisable to keep your tweets under 110-120 characters in order to spread a message on twitter so that your followers would easily be able to add @name in front of the tweets. It cannot be determined the number of characters they would include @yourname and it depends the length of the @yourname but if you keep it under 110 words than most likely they would be able to include their name in front of the tweet.

9. Give them some linkS

More than 50 million peoples are ion Twitter so definitely it is a thing to be concentrated on. In order to drive traffic inserts the URL to your site. Use these URLs in order to drive traffic to your site. I would advise you to use these URLs as they have click-throughs. By using you can see when and from where have people have clicked to these URLs and the time in which they gets clicked the most.

10. Give them what they want

While using any URL or URL be certain that they lead to page which have quality content and they want to explore more and more. People who are using twitter want to get the information “just now”. So, do not dawdle with their time just make them come to your site.