The advantage of Using an Content Management System (CMS) or Online Blog Software

I am writing this article as my experience with blogging softwares like WordPress as I maintain many of my blogs using blogging platform. I am not hitting WordPress but all blogging platforms and content management system and their many pros and cons.

Pros of using an Online Blog Software

1. It lets your attention only to the Content

When I first started a website I did not use any blogging platform as I thought it would be an insult to use and there would be no point for what I have worked so hard in programming. Updating an article on a website with the theme you develop manually would take lot of time rather than just posting an article.

When I use blogging platform it was like a dream come true. I do not have to do anything but be focused on writing the content. I do not have to worry to add my article over different categories and creating pages extra pages for their heading. The blog software’s automatically does all these things just by checking radio button. They took the load away from me and I was so glad to use that.

2. Multi-Functionality

If you have used an offline web editor like Notepad++ than you might have too many obstacles to make a design. When I started learning programming it took me more than 6 months to make a good design and I have made that online on this very site just at the beginning. The blogging platform would do all the tagging and make a new page of your posts and add them to the categories and make their index pages too. This is too much hard work while working with an offline web editor. Audience would know what is new on a site as it displays the latest posts first (in case if you have not modified). They have the choice to surf a website by categories, latest posts or take a look at all the articles heading at the index pages of a category or a home page. It would be done just within a click of a button. It is great.