Text ads v/s Banner ads

Text link are the links that appear in the form of text while banner ads are the images. There is always a dilemma which one gets more clicked. It is hard to say but it depends on the structure of website. It has been conducted in a survey that banner ads get more hits over texts but that is not entirely true. I am going to reveal the truth behind these ads.

Text Ads

If your website has white background and a very simple template design then you should go for text ads. The text ads have revolutionized the search engine marketing. The next thing is where to put these text links. You must have seen internal linking on websites and after reading a two or three paragraph of an article you have clicked on a link that has attracted you or the link displays exactly you have been searching for. So, text ads should be used in between the articles and just after three to four paragraphs. If you use them at the end or at the extreme right they would not get clicked as they would if they appear in between the content of articles.

Banner Ads

If you have a theme that is a colorful one and has looks very good when it comes to design then you should opt for banner ads but where they should be used?

I have generally seen if they are displayed at the top of the navigation bar they would get highly clicked and contradictory to text ads they should be placed at the right of the body.

Now you know what ads you should use which intend to get high hits.