Should I Display an Email Address on My Site or Use a Contact Form?

One of a visitor was in dilemma whether to use her business e-mail address on the web or should she install a plugin for contact form. She read a article about WordPress plugin on my site and asked me which one would turn out to be the best. This article will discuss which one to use according to the requirement of your website.

Which one would be more professional?

It is a misconception among people that only having a contact form on a website makes it more professional but it isn’t true. Having a Contact Form or your mail address would make a site professional.

Now days most of the big website instead have both. It has been conducted in a survey that 72% of the business, hobby and private website like to display email address to their users. Likewise contact forms are so common that almost every website use them. If you would go professional, having a contact form on a website is a must in addition to your mail address.

Many users have some specific problem asking for advertising or technical support and having a contact form would most likely to be insufficient to them. So, you can give different mail address relating to different enquiries. Like someone would like to contact the webmaster, some would go for advertising enquiry.

I have seen that people do not prefer doing business to those website that only use contact form. To gain trust you must provide an e-mail address so that people would have your mail and contact you.

I have a contact form on my website as well as my business mail so that I would have contact with my visitors in case if the contact form is not able to send me mail but how to display your mail address in your site is the main question. I would discuss that too.

Both the things cancel each other out in terms of pros and cons and having any one out of two would not guarantee the professionalism as both of them are very common on the internet.

Which is liked by Visitors?

If you are thinking from the perspective of your spectators definitely they love to have business email address of that website owner. It does not mean that they love you but it allows them to send mail from their own mail address and they would have copy of content that what, when they have send you an email and whether they have contacted you before or not. They would have the knowledge with you being in touch and many use that email address to find your profile on many social media websites.

Some of the visitor does not need your business mail. This in turn creates anonymity that promotes contact forms. There are some good people around who would take time and give you feedback about your website and tell you if there is a spelling error on your site and something else that you have not looked. If there will not be a contact form that would be hard work for them to login into their mail account, copy your mail address and give you feedback.
Which one is better when it comes to spam?

If you have read my story in my biggest promotion mistakes would know that when I display my email address directly on the website I was receiving a huge amount of spam. There are people who love to spam your website and mail address. Actually, the programmed these file and put robots on the net that would take your mail address from a website and start spamming you.

Do not just wipe out the mail address from the site. I have simply put the mail address on the site but there are certain way that would be impossible for bots to catch your mail. Do not display your mail like this:

If you do that way it would be like taking a candy from a child for the bot and do not put your mail address in the hyperlink using mail to function

Contact Us

It would also be too easy for spammers to spam you directly. Display your mail like this:

Webmaster [a]

Bots are programmed to look out for the “@” character and mail to function. In the above cases you are not using either of them and it is understood that “_” or “[a]” means “@” for those who have ever send an email.

That is why it is advisable to use captcha in contact forms as well as in comment section or any other kind of validator like “ 2 +4 = ?”. If a person is able to answer that he would most likely be human.

Private vs. Business site?

If you have build a website to create money than you should put a business email address so that the advertiser would be in contact to you directly but remember to use the above tips while displaying your mail address in the website. Advertisers want to have record of your conversation and it cannot happen on contact forms. In fact you should use both, as different people have different purpose and having both will give them a choice which one they would use.

However, if you are running some private or hobby website that it is totally up to you what you do with it. You can either add feedback form, your maid id or both. As this website is not going to generate revenue, it is good to have contact form, as you would like to have people feedback. It is less likely people would contact you through email so it is good to have at least contact form.


Now days, installing a contact form or putting your mail id will solve different purpose. If you are not subject to spam, than you are good to go.