Regrets while making my website

“Learn from others mistakes” is a very famous quote. Today I am going to share something that I regret until today. I wish I had done it but due to ignorance I repent it.

I have been making website since the past two years but I could have done wonders if I had done what I know now. You might have an idea from my articles in what I am about to discuss.

1. Did not Register a Domain Name

I should have registered a good domain name although I am happy with this domain name but there were some great names in my mind that were available like,,etc. The mistake I had done is not registering that domain name. I did not want to put my money into something that would turn out to be a failure but it was only $10 and if at that moment I had put $20, I would be a way too happy.

I wrote articles on and some other websites. I should have written that articles on my own website registering a paid domain name and getting a paid host and all my writing efforts were in vain. As there is no possible way that hard work could benefit me in any way.

Getting a domain name is the first step if you want to create a website in future or now. When I got the domain name I did not launch the website for 6 more months and I get another domain name because my previous domain name was not appropriate to the subject and my URL got changed and I lost traffic for what I have been working 12 hours a day for past three months. I started from the scratch again, my URL changed, I lost traffic, any indexed my website again in the search engines which took 1 more month.

I redirected that URL to the new one but that was not as effective as if in the first place I have started with this domain name.

Most of the affiliate programs demand a domain name and I was unable to do that since 2012 as I did not have a domain name. I had the idea and have heard stories people earning too much by joining as an affiliate. Some of the people who did not remember my URL were not able to search me ever again with this domain name. If I had registered a domain name at the right time I would probably have never written this section.

I guess like many people, when I first started, I was not willing to spend any money on something that might turn out to be a failure. And, like many people, I associated getting a domain name with having to pay for commercial web hosting.

Registering a domain name would cost you between $10-$12 and you should not get yourself too late. I have missed very good domain names procrastinating my decision which ultimately results in never getting that domain name.

Even if I had never launch a website and sell that domain names, the three names alone would have resulted in a profit of $6200.

2.Not Starting A Newsletter Earlier

You might be a little surprised to hear this one out but you must have seen that many renowned websites have newsletters and they are not stupid to publish them. Many visitors or even you have subscribed to the websites you like. They send you email whenever they update something on their website so you would not miss anything. I did not start that one and many visitors forget my name and were not able to find me again. I was ignorant to start ezine and that cost me huge amount of visitors.

3. Not Promoting The Newsletter Enough

When I made the newsletter I thought people would find it and subscribe like I am doing them some huge favor. I made a separate page for signing up to the newsletter and that was a blunder. Whenever you publish a newsletter always put it in the main index (Home Page) of your website so that people would be able to see it and it should only demand the mail address or mail address and name at most otherwise they will not even bother to sign up.

Put the newsletter in each and every page of the website rather than just on the home page. So, whatever they like reading encourages them to sign up for the ezine. You can learn how to make newsletter and how to publish it.

4. Did not even bother to promote my website

I wish I could go back in time and do not make this mistake. I did not even give slightest of attention to advertise my website. I was too arrogant to promote my website and I did not even use social media even a bit to promote it. All the visitors who found me were through the search engines.

I was too busy writing content to the website and wasted my first 6 months. Promoting your website and updating your website with content should be done together. Doing one or the other will not benefit you at that rate if you do it together.

Website promotion does not means that you should be buying links on other websites or wasting money. It means that not only you should submit your website in the search engines but also make your website search engine friendly so that the pages would appear in the first pages of the search engines.

The best way to promote a website is through social media and that includes fb, twitter and Google+. If you think you have great content in your website than you should verify yourself back to your Google+ account. They rank the author from the scale 1 to 10 and getting a rank like 6 or 7 would increase your chances too much to appear in the first page of the search engines.

Sharing your content on the facebook will get you visitors but do not share very stuff. Remember to share your articles on facebook after your site indexing appears in Google. You can read the section website promotion tips and tricks.

5. Display my Business mail on my website

You must be thinking why it is a mistake but it is a huge blunder if you display your mail address directly on a website. Most people wanted to spam me and they succeed in it. You must not erase you mail after reading this. I display my mail address directly there is a way to display your mail address.

I use the “mailto:” function to display my mail address so that people who want to contact me would right click on the displayed link and copy my mail address. That encourages spammers and they were like 300-400 spam mail on my account. I had advertiser to who wanted to contact me and it was must to display a mail address. I seek out the right way to display your mail address and then the amount of spam was relatively too low.Before you made any decision read this article on how to display your mail address.

I wish that this article help you. I had done these mistakes and you can minimize these effects on your website.