Is it Possible to Create a Website Without Buying a Domain Name? Would it be beneficial?

One of the visitors asked me that she wants to build a website but does not to spend a penny on it. She does not want to spend money on domain name, web hosts, etc. She wants to learn to build a website and seeking out a way to do it for free.

The Answer

The answer is “Yes”. You can build a website for free but that would not generate income but it fine to learn something and then invest money.


Before you start reading this article you should have some basic knowledge of how to create a website and you should also read how much does it cost to set up a website.

I am considering that you have read these articles and you at least know what is domain name and web hosts.

What Happens If You Don’t Have a Domain Name?

There are many free web hosts that provide domain name to you and their name after your domain name. Like a very good hosting is and you registered a domain like “seo”, than the URL will be “”. I have not used free hosting but x10hosting is a good one.

It works pretty much similar to subdomain. You would have not anything of your own. The hosts have full control to display ads and anything they want. They have no obligation and you will have no control.

The High Price of Free (Sub) Domain Names: A Lesson From History

You might develop this as a hobby of yours but even if got little bit of attention than believe me you would regret using a URL that is not yours. Register a domain name and then use free hosting would be a better option than taking the URL from the hosting companies.

May be you are saving a penny but getting a domain name worth investment. You will pay only $10 just for starting up and that fee is very much affordable. You will get paid 100 times more than that who knows if it turns out to be a successful venture it could turn into millions.

It is not new that many free web hosting accounts are deleted by the web hosts that provide these services and there is nothing you can do about it. As if you have domain name “” is not yours, it belongs to the “”.

Best example is Google, they have closed their services of Google Page creator not too long and all the URL of many webmaster disappeared and you cannot redirect to the new domain name because the previous one do not exist. Your visitors do not know your new URL so how they are going to find your new URL. Obviously, they won’t and you have lost all your visitors.

The Real Consequence of Losing Your Web Address

You might be thinking it is still not a big deal for you. You are intelligent and have kept backup of all the files you have uploaded on your free site. You will get another free web host with another URL and you would be good sufficed to start again. This is not as simple as it seems.

People do not always remember so that is why they bookmark your website. These are the loyal visitors who come back and now when they click on that URL they will only encounter an error page. How can you assume that they will found your new address? There are piles of sites that disappear from the web and you would be in that list too sooner or later.

This is not the only loss of visitors. When your website is informative people start linking to you and this is the main think that determines domain authority and search engine ranking. The page rank of your webpage will be lost. Google promise to give the page rank to the redirected page but as you do not have the URL, you cannot redirect anything.

This blunder is actually a lot worse. There are some more reasons:

If you have read how to boost search engine rankings than you must know that they rely on listing your article when many people or at least some people are linking to you. This method of backlinks increases the degree of trust towards your website. When you have a new address no one is linking to you and even you have the exact same style and content it would not appear in the search engine (in the first two or three pages) till someone again links back to you. Lets you have worked a little hard on your free website and it is now gone in the dust.
The most difficult thing in order to succeed is link building and website promotion. Both of them are lost as soon as the URL changes. People would not even bother where you are gone. You might tell the webmasters of other websites that linked to you to update but not everyone will do that promptly.

When you lose the web address and have to start from the scratch. You have to promote it again and repeat that cycle.

Even if you are moving web host, there would be loss although it can be minimized as your URL is not changing. People remember web address, even the bookmark will point to a valid URL but that also result loss of visitors.

When you move host the moving is transparent to the visitors. They would hardly notice some change and so does the search engine. The backlinks will do fine as they too are pointing where they should be. No need to request to other webmasters.

I will get a domain name later this is just for practice

If you are having this site just for fun or for learning than you can get a domain name later and build free website on commercial web hosts.

When I first entered into making a website I did not have a clue where to get myself started. I make my website on free hosting. They had their own URL and if I had started with a paid domain name I would definitely be a way ahead than I am now.

I had learned HTML, CSS and was providing codes on my small blog. People love it and they were coming back for more. I know the technical stuff but was unaware of the Search Engine Optimization and it took me a little long to realize I should start with a domain name of mine.

I was doing as my hobby that lot of people mailed me about the help they are getting and one of the visitor told me to start my own website. When you put your efforts while creating a website it appears in its beauty. People will like your content and they will come back for more.

Do not underestimate your hobby. It is worth money. The thing is that I never stopped working on my hobby and that is why I am here. I keep on learning the things whether it is programming, promotion or Search Engine Optimization.

You are looking out for a free website but you do not know what it will turn out in something after some years? So, spend some bucks even you have to save your salary for the next three months. It is worth an investment.

It’s More Expensive To Get It Free

You would start it for free but it would cost you a way too much as you would regret it after some time. You can choose a domain name according which relate to your area of interest or at least the subject you are going to write on. To make a website you should register a domain name and a web host and you would be good to go. You can read my article on how much does it cost to set up a website.