How to Stop your Gmail Account Being Hacked

It has been reported that hackers around the world has hacked more than 5 million gmail account over the past 4 years. You must always feel insecure about your gmail account gets hacked and the rest of the damage can be done in many ways once the hacker gets his hands to your username and password. So, there is a need to secure before anybody mess up your personal, financial and business details. Some victims claim that someone sends them a mail which displayed the message “Click on the link below” and the rest of the dubious story. It is not true indeed but I will tell you some tips and tricks that will help you to protect your gmail account.
Two step validation by gmail
You must know that when you have made your gmail account, it has asked you to give your mobile number and promptly send a verification code. It is a 2 step confirmation process and it is done even if someone breaks into your account but they will not be able to access that code because you have your phone they do not have it. It is a similar approach that is used by many online banking so that they can protect the firewall.

After this been done, the gmail account will ask for that verification code that they have text you. The text would be like this “Your verification code is 4SBRTJ”.

Do not think that nobody can have access to your gmail account because there are other and better ways to hack it. The first thing is that you should have spyware on your PC which would look on everything. It is just additional security that could block some IP’s that try to break into your firewall.

Be vigilant if your mails are being forwarded without your prior permission

Gmail gives you the opportunity to forward all your mails to any other mail account but this is the hole in the security where hackers or crackers whoever you would call can receive your message and ruin any private details.

If your mails have been forwarded to another address without your permission than you would be able to know from the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” option in settings and you can change it if you seek break in security.

People who hack account would more be interested in your conversation rather to break in and if the 2 step confirmation will not protect your private information.

It is also essential that no on except you should send email from your account. If you have a joint email account that means a person other than you also have access to it the security would also rely on that other person account.

At the bottom of each webpage on Gmail, you’ll see some small print which describes your last account activity. This is available to help you spy if someone has been accessing your account at unusual times of day (for instance, when you haven’t been using your computer) or from a different location.
See last account activity

At the right bottom you could see that last account activity and can spy if someone has opened it. Just below the “last account activity” there are also details and you can view the whole history that display IP address and the last activity done. If you see something skeptical you can block that IP address.
Tips to set gmail password
I have seen many people that use the same username and password every time they sign up on any random website which make them easy victim. You should not set your password on any English word, celebrity or band you like. It should contain upper case, lower case characters with at least two digits included in it. If you have special characters in it then it makes it really hard to encrypt no matter what.

Let me elaborate you what would happen if you would choose a dictionary word. The simple English word would fit right it in the dictionary and the algorithm would be able to decipher it.
Have a secure anti-virus

Some people have more than one antivirus on their PC which in turn is not able to protect the PC. You must only have one antivirus and update it on regular basis. If you are not using one than surely you are inviting hackers to spy upon you.

Do not log in to websites that offers free hosting or the search bar turn’s red upon typing the url.

Now you know the flaws of being a victim of cyber attack you must be cautious and follow all the tips I have given you and no one would be able to break into your gmail account.