How to make Money with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an application run by Google on websites which satisfy their guidelines. In simple words, webmasters sell space on their website to Google Adsense to display Ads (Ads could be in the form of banner, video or an image). When people visiting the website clicks on the Ads displayed webmasters earn ranging from two cents to fifteen dollars. Sponsors or advertisers pay Google and Google pay us. It has been a mystery how much Google kept his margin but I it is generally seen that Google keep 35% and the rest 65% is given to website owners. Yeah, I know that hurts and you must be thinking it is not at all fair but they give us page rank and it is actually their money.

People ask me they can not earn a living through their blog or website. It is extremely difficult and some of them even complain that Google did not even accept their website for Google Adsense. Well, I will recommend that your website must have at least more than 35 pages. Adsense do not accept websites with low indexing. Second, how to earn more through Google Adsense. Well, you must have lots of traffic. Only a few people will click on the Adspace . It has been conducted in a survey that only 3.56% people will click on the ads and for every ad you get paid like 2cents, 4cents. Though, the price may differ as sponsors pay different price to promote their services and products. Now, you have got quite the blueprint just how important is to have traffic or boost your alexa.

Now, the questions arises how to create traffic. Well, there are many methods but I will demonstrate economical one. Write good posts and the topic about you are writing, you must be very specific to it. That’s how adsense will display the accurate ads and there is high probability of visitors clicking on ads. The article you are writing should be unique and if you want search engine should display it on the very first page the article must contain at least 500 words. An article with 1000 or 1500 words are great but 500 is a good number to work with. Website owners use Adsense in a number of combinations. So, always do experiments until you seek what suits the best.
People think that they would be earning over night and it’s a shortcut to become rich. You can not expect to make $4000 by the time you make website. It requires patience, hard work and some time to make it success. Suppose you love playing football and want to teach people from dribbling to knuckle shots. You can teach them everything from what exercises they should do, what shoes they could wear, how many minutes they should play as a beginner. You can keep them updated with the sports news and about different league matches and what do you think who is going to win. So, you would be able to write more and more about it. You have to find what topic you are passionate about so you would be able to write more and more enthusiastically and you would not get bored with it.

Now you have build a website on say like “Football” and visitors Google “How to hit knuckle shots”. As your website has lots of information about football Google will throw your website on the very first page and on the very top and there are banner ads displaying one top of the website on which there is a link in which there is Football Academy and visitor visit the link displayed above. Then you are good to go as you are promoting Google sponsors and you would be paid at least 2 cents to five dollars. Now imagine, if you have 10 thousand visitors a day and let’s say only 1000 clicks on the Ads displayed. If every click costs 5 cents, then you would be earning daily at least $50 per day and have a monthly income of $1500. The figure could be high or low. I have exaggerated a little but the amount is achievable. I just wanted to motivate you guys and even if you can have 30% of it means $450 which is always possible.

Getting over 40 cents per click is very exceptional and you would seek that you are going to be paid less than 10 cents per click but there are exceptions like keyword “earn $1000 dollars a day” are niches and keywords that definitely pay you more. Suppose you have an earning of $18.74 only by 68 clicks. Then, you can calculate an average click costs 25 cents but this is an appropriate statistics not an accurate one. We cannot predict how much an advertiser is paying for the promotion of its website.

Now you know much about the program. You must know how to design a website. There are two methods. Either you can make it yourself or you can make it through software’s but I would generally recommend the economical one.

I have learned to design a website in 4 months and I have not spent even a penny. All I have done is read books and some research. Well, its great and you can have everything your way but it seem a lot of study. Designing a website is not as difficult. Then you have to register a domain but you can not get names like facebook or myspace. Then, you have to find a web host that will make your site live. It generally costs between two dollars to eight dollars per month and the most economical way to launch your website.

There are many companies that provide website making services and the price depends on the amount of pages. They also offer the marketing services and you can also opt for it. Everyone can learn to design a website or you can buy a theme online and then work on your website that will get you started immediately.

Join Google Adsense

You can apply for Adsense program once you have over 35 pages. If you have been selected by the program all you have to do it copy the code provided by them to the place where you want to display ads (Banners or text ads). You can go for ads displaying above the top of navigation bar or on the right space as I have generally seen in the websites. Some people like to display them right between the content and it is also a good way to show visitors where they should go after reading the page.

Not Being Able to make much Money with AdSense

People complain though having enough traffic they are not able to make money. There are some reasons that the topic you have chosen to write is not matching with the ads being displayed or sponsors who are promoting their website are paying not enough money which directly effects the earning. So, it is advisable to experiment with Adsense. Change the area or size of ads displaying on your website.

Another reason could be the visitors on your website are not interested at all in clicking the adds as the adds are offering much different thing what they seek for. It is very important how many people are clicking. If you have 500 visitors a day and only 5 of them are clicking then the average clicking ratio is even as less as 0.1% which is very low. In order to increase your earning you somehow have to attract visitors to go to the ads that will eventually increase your earnings.

How to maximize your earning with AdSense 1.Boost number of Visitors

You are not going to make anything worthwhile unless you have lots of visitors and do not think it would make you millionaire within a short span and be patient.

2. Make it more compatible

Experiment the ads with images, text or anything and just add your own choice of color to make adds more than visible but do not make it look awkward on your website. You can present ads either vertically or horizontally .If you want to make them appear on the top of your page then just paste this HTML code.

div width=”50%” height=”35” style=”float:left;
Paste your AdSense code here

If you want to display your adds on the right hand side then you can use this code

div width=”125” height=”125” style=”float:right;
Paste your AdSense code here

Similar in the centre(Generally not Recommended):-

div width=”125” height=”125” style=”float:center;
Paste your AdSense code here

You can change the height and width of the adds according to yourself.

Things to avoid while using adsense

If you still have confusion where to place ads and not comfortable you can take help of heatmaps. These maps scan the article and make most appropriate arrangement where the visitors would most likely to click the most. The search result of heatmaps will gets highlighted in red color and then you can adjust the div tags according to the area displayed.

The next thing will be the keyword you put. If you think that short keyword sponsors will pay you high. Well, that’s true but you should keep your keywords long as a newbie. After, you have traffic you can switch to short keywords.

If you have registered your domain and web hosting with some company that provides these services free of cost then definitely you are in the wrong direction.
If you really want to earn money and you are serious than register your domain with some good brand like hostgator, hostmonster , etc. Well, there are plenty of out there and you can opt for anyone. I generally like the names I have mentioned above.

There are some real troubles with these free domains and hosting that they would not make your site online for total 24/7. There are always problems with server and what comes for free goes for free. If you do not want this to happen to you then you should be ready to invest some bucks in turn to earn some more bucks.

People think they will earn huge with the hefty indexing of their website. There are websites of 50 pages that are worth reading than websites with 5000 pages that are worthless and have nothing to offer. So, quantity matters up to a certain limit and then it is all down to quality.

Best Banner size option for Google Adsense

If you want your website to be clean and not fill with numerous ads that you can opt for text ads. People always are in dilemma whether to go for text ads of image ads. Well, if you have very large article with more than 1000 words you should opt for text ads and if you have articles less than 500 words like 100 or 200 words then you should go for Image Adds. If you wants more and more image texts should be displayed then you should keep the size 125*125. Well if you want to display add o top of navigation bar then you should have text add of 760*75. I have seen the adds on top of navigation bar gets clicked a lot but it is essential that your adds must attract the visitor so he click it.

Other options than Google Adsense

If you think that you’re earning sucks even after all the things you have tried then there are some other options than Google AdSense. They are Infolinks and Clicksor that have their applications like AdSense but my personal suggestions is that Google AdSense is the Best.

Now you know possibly all the things about Google AdSense, so I will leave it out to you guys how you can optimize it and earn maximum profit.