How to Create Alexa Widget for your website and where to place it

What is alexa Widget?
Alexa widget is a toolbar offered by that shows the site info of a website. It shows the total sites linking to your site and the alexa rank of your site. Installing the alexa toolbar does not affect your rank as boosting your alexa is a different thing.

How to install Alexa Widget?

  • First, you have to go to the website or you can directly to this link of the alexa website.
  • This will direct you and after that all you have to do is to type the URL of your site for which you want to create a widget and click on build widget button.
  • You are provided with the list of codes in the yellow background which are Button, Banner and Vertical Banner.

How to place it and where to place it?

All you have to do is copy that code and paste on your site on the section where you want them. Generally, most of the good website install the alexa toolbar at the bottom or at the footer and the Banner and vertical banner looks a little big so you should install only the first one which is Button and looks professional.