How to Choose a Web Host

While choosing a web host there are certain things that should be kept in mind. You might be thinking whether to go for free or paid one and which web host to choose from plenty of options available as they all has promising offers. There is still a criterion which you should analyze and put yourself out of the dilemma.

1. Marketing

When you choose a free web host these web hosting companies place a banner or text add on your website to offset the price of free hosting. They might even load your website with exasperating pop-up windows every time someone refreshes your website that might result in navigating away from. There is always trouble while submitting your website to search engine like Google and Bing with unwanted additional code forcing on your site.

2. Price

While choosing a web host is the most essential aspect. It is not necessary to go for the cheapest offer especially if you want to make money. There are webhost that provides economy and deluxe web hosting. Some of them even provide vanity servers in case the primary server fails there is backup for it too. Obviously, they charge higher for these things but they turn out to be the best if you want to keep yourself online with 24/7. These services are not offered by web host that charges less than $2 per months. They charges at least $3.99 with many other additional things.

3. Web space provided

This is very crucial to remember if your website uses many videos, pictures and audios. Generally, many websites do not need space of more than 20 MB but it should be expandable up to 100 MB as you might need more space. This always vary and always tends to increase with time.
File Transfer Protocol

It is the method to transfer files from your PC to server. It is mostly used by webmasters to make their site live and update it. While some of the free host does not allow you to use this functionality and impose you to design your website with website builder.

4. Time to access

Web hosting companies that provide free web hosting are down mostly for 6 to 7 hours a day and if this is the case you are surely going to lose many visitors and he would navigate to another option from the list. There is no particular way to know about it but try to seek it from others or test it your way as you do not have to pay for testing. The most essential thing is that your site should be fast to access so that the visitors do not have to dawdle.

5. Technical Support

Some webmasters think that it should be the criterion of choosing a web host. Companies that offer customer services with a person on the phone, video calling to fix what you are facing are good. They would let you know why your website is is down or how it should get fixed as soon as possible. It has happened to me with my previous hosting that the mail function was not working properly and I was provide what my customers seek for. Later, with the technical support I was able to fix the problem and get back on track.

6. Bandwith Space

It has been recently added by the hosting companies as they limit the traffic on your website and if the webmaster has reached its bandwidth limit the whole website would not be found instead it will display that the “This website has reached its bandwidth limit.” It generally happens as the surfers visiting your website are uploading some files, images or another stuff that in turn soaring up your space on server. It is intricate to guess the bandwidth required as it entirely depends on your design and the options that you offer to your visitor to upload files, graphics or images.

7. E-mail Accounts

Be sure how many e-mail accounts you will have according to the need of your business. It is generally recommended that the host should provide at least 3 e-mails. Make sure that your provider have spam solutions or if you encounter these problems are they able to fix it or not.

8. C-Panel Features

Your web hosting company must provide control panel so that you can manage all the things. It offers features like hit counter, IP of visitors and if someone try to spam, you can block him directly. Some web hosting companies and mostly the free web hosting companies do not provide c-panel and offer some weird stuff which nobody can understand. Even if you are not too much technical you have to install wordpress or the theme on which you are working, with uploading some files and folders on FTP. If you are not able to comprehend through what they offer you are most likely to put yourself in trouble.

9. Subdomains

If you want to make sub domain of your main domain. Be sure that your provider offers these services and the charge they would ask for. Generally, it is not too high and anyone can afford it easily.

10. Service Socket Layer(SSL)

If you are making an online shopping website than you are most willingly to accept credit or debit card on your website. It is done through SSL and you must have seen on the website that the browser turns green and instead of it turns to It is a SSL certificate that you need to install on your web server and the web host that offer these services charge you between $125 to $210 depending upon your requirement. The prices always changes with the time. If you are using other methods to accept payments like PayPal then you do not have to worry about SSL.

Payment Plans

Web hosting companies that demands annual price rather than quarterly and monthly are cheaper or if they have all plans but offers discount if you go for annual payment are good as most likely you want to keep your site live for at least a year.