How to Build or Create a Website

In this article I am going to teach you how to make a complete website from registering domain name to uploading on web host. The most important thing is to know how to design a website. It requires knowledge of combination of two languages that is HTML and CSS.

HTML- It is the simplest language anyone could ever imagine. If you are a newbie and want to learn to create a website you have to learn basic HTML tags. To learn to design a website is plausible and it is not as hard. If you know how to operate a computer which you already know as you are reading this article.

CSS- If website is a body then the CSS is the brain of the website. CSS stands for cascading style sheet. It is basically the layout and designing and responsible for the background, colors and everything. It is possible to design a complete website with the help of css and html if you want to build a complete static website.

jQuery- Now day’s jQuery is the most popular web designing language. About 70% of the websites uses it. When you hover over a link ant then a window opens up just by moving the cursor and to give a website a way too good layout is possible through jQuery.

PHP- This language is mainly use to build the contact form and chat options. To learn this language you need to learn and it requires time.

If you do not want to go through all these things then you can switch over to software’s. By use of software’s to build a website is as simple as to change the dp of facebook.

You can take the help of software’s like Dreamweaver and you would be able to manage your sites. If you are comfortable to spend some money than you should buy dreamweaver.

There are plenty of options available to build a website if you do not want to learn programming. If you want to build a website straight away then you can the help of website builder. It offers you various themes and templates and you can select various designs that suit your business. You just have to edit the content you want to add and you would be good to go.

You can buy templates from any online template website. Some are available for free and you can download them but generally good templates are paid one. They also charge extra money if you want to copyright your design of template.
You can hire a web developer or designer if you have vivid image of what you want if you do not want to spend time in learning then a developer will do it for you. There are many advantages that you do not have to compromise by what a theme or website builder offers you because they would not deliver exactly what you want. Going for a web developer or designer is a better option as you would get exactly what you demands. They would make you live on internet and you do not even have to worry about web hosting or registering your domain. They would handle all the things.

Design your website your own way

.If you know how to design a website or if you are familiar with the website designing than you should design it your way. It gives you awesome feeling that you have designed it and you can modify it because you know where is the specific thing. It would take time and you always want to make some changes and always want to look it perfect. It is not only economical as you do not have to rely on anyone and gives you more confidence as a designer. If you have a design in your mind than you should take it on a paper and design it. Once you have built the website it is very simple to maintain it.
Testing in all Browsers

You must be doing it all the time while making the website but it is essential to make sure that your website runs in all the browsers. Most people now day’s uses firefox and chrome but there are still some users who uses internet explorer and safari and there are serious problems when you run your website in Internet Explorer. If you are building website with the help of site builder or any other software’s then you do not have to worry about acquiring knowledge of HTML, CSS or PHP. There are many page validators that will make sure that the page does not have syntax error. Numerous page validators will make suggestions to correct the errors and some of them would do the coding itself.

If you are selling some items, products or services online which many of you want to do then you can use PayPal. If a customer wants to buy something than they can send you money through PayPal and you can sell your products.
Increase your online visibility

To boost your online visibility you can submit your website to search engines like Google and Bing and you can submit the link of you websites to other websites. There are numerous marketing techniques like advertising on social networking sites and make you friends like your website, give an add in broadsheet or just telling people.

There are many mistakes that people do that they just want to look their website good. Well, designing is important aspect but the main thing is the usability and how effortless is your website to utilize. If there is problem with the usability that there are very high chances that the surfers visited your website would never like to visit your site again.

I want to share something important that keep your website as simple as possible. Complicated things look good but after a span they would be difficult to utilize. You should make simple navigation bar, light background or white generally ant the font-size should be at least more than 12px. I generally keep the font-size 15px and the line height 16px. This would be easier to read and would not look like a boring class.

I hope the information above would help you in making a web site. Last, there are more mobile users than the laptop or computer ones. So, it is important to build a website that runs fine on mobiles.