How to Boost Your Alexa Rank

Many of you might think what is alexa rank? Well it is simply a ranking system that ranks your website among all the other on the web. If you want to earn money through your website than surely alexa is the one thing that attract sponsors to pay you for their advertisements on your website. Even if you have good page rank it does not matter unless you have a satisfactory alexa rank.

Most of you must be wondering on how to boost your website alexa rank. The most important factor is the content you have on your website. The search engines adore vivid and fresh content. People look for specific information when they type something on search engines and let me make it very clear that nobody even goes to the second page but they find all the things within the first page or within the first three or four search results. Obviously, there is competition but it not as hard as you are thinking.

Alexa rank is all about how much traffic your website has or most important how much visitors are visiting your website. So it all comes down to increase the number of visitors and it can be done in many ways. First you can advertise your website on other website and most likely but only a short percentage of people will visit your website but you have to pay for it and it would not turn out to be economical.

Tell people that you have build an awesome website and do anything to make it famous. The more famous, the more visitors and the less digit alexa is going to be. You can also improve it by making your website your homepage and install the alexa toolbar on your website. It has been seen that people who were not using alexa toolbar has seen tremendous increase in their ranking after installing the alexa toolbar.

Be very sure and specific about the content you provide to users and there are good chances of your article being listed on the first page of search engine.

Alexa Services

In the past few years alexa have changed their algorithm. These algorithm are very accurate that display’s accurate amount of traffic. If you go for paid services offered by alexa then it is surely going to soar. All you have to do is go to your and claim your website by verifying it. They would offer some services based upon your requirements and you have to give your credit card information to buy a plan that will cost around $9.99.

Commenting on another blogs

There are very high chances of boosting your alexa as most of the webmasters have alexa toolbar installed on their browser and visitors coming through niches could have alexa installed too. Even if some of them have toolbar installed then also your alexa would soar.

If you want to earn your loving through your site then alexa and the page ranking are the parameters that you should be focusing on. If you are a newbie than just submit your website on and you website will start showing alexa within a span of few days.