How to accept credit cards on your website

If you have some idea to sell online. The first question arises is how to accept credit cards on your website. Many people quote me how can they sell their products online. Yeah there are other ways to get paid like PayPal but most of the people owns a credit card but not everyone has PayPal account.


There are peoples who want to buy immediately. They come to your website and they like something very much and they want to get their hands on it before someone else do it. Accepting credit card is very easy for your customers as they have to just type some numbers and you have got you sale secured and they have their product. If you accept cheque then the extra time it would them would be navigating away from your site.

If you have customers around the world then you must accept credit cards. If they go to some another method then they would likely to encounter currency difference and it would delay having their product. Remember no one has additional time and you have to save time of your clients and they should be comfortable in any way.

Now if you want to accept credit card, what it would be like. It is going to be easy, difficult and how much it would cost you are the things that come to your mind. The truth is that it is quite difficult to accept and if you are working on it for the very first time than it would take more money and time you thought it would take.

Don’t worry, just stick with me and at the end you would be able to accept credit card and sell your products without any dawdle.

There are some components you need to have to start accepting credit cards.

1. Merchant Account

You will need a merchant account so that the buyer can pay through credit card. It is a little expensive to open a merchant account at first. There are two ways to have a merchant account either you can have your own merchant account or can come to a merchant agreement. The merchant agreement creates your account and transfer money through their payment processor and most offers services free for a year and charge around 120$ from the next year. It differs widely from one merchant service to another.

It is advisable to have a merchant agreement otherwise paying for your own merchant account you will need to pay around 6-7 times more. Merchant services gives you an merchant ID and they will create your account.

2. Payment Gateways to accept credit card

It is used as an alternative to credit cards. I have used only PayPal to accept transfer as it is very safe and secure. There are many gateways available now days and you can opt for any of them.


Every gateway charge you some minimum transaction fee plus the fee increases as the amount increases. It is a perfect alternative to credit card. They charge around two percent to three percent plus .30 dollars minimum per transaction.


It was originally designed so that computer engineers can sell their apps and software’s. They charge an opening account fee of around 20 dollars with one time transaction fee of around seven percent plus their commission which is minimum from $1-$2 depending upon the amount.
There are many other’s like CCBil, digital river and Kagi.

3. Payment Processors

Some people think that the payment processor and gateway are the same. Well, they are different things. Payment processor acts as a interface to communicate with the payment gateway and made the transfer success and failed according to it.

The transaction is first requested by payment gateway which is then forwarded to the processor to the bank to which the credit or debit card belongs.


At last what you need is to sell your products and services in order to accept credit card payments. You have to embed that code in your website in order to make interface between payment processors, gateways and your website. If you have a business in mind and you have decided to make it online as soon as possible then you should see which gateway would be compatible with your site.

The process of making e-commerce site is to start from the finishing point. First, we choose e-commerce scheme, then we have to make a decision choose from the different gateways available online, and finally which payment processor would work fine with the gateway you have chosen. Obviously, you need the merchant account.

I have been using paypal as a third party and its services are amazing. You do not have to worry about embedding the code to your website and whether the transaction would be a success or not. By paypal, it is always work and transaction will always be a success and they transfer the money to your bank account within a span of one week.

Another essential gateway is The services they provide are very user friendly and anyone can comprehend it easily. This is one of the most used gateways all over the world by small business companies.

Once you have set your merchant account and payment processor you are ready to get started. The merchant account you will set would require a few things and some personal information, what kind of business you are starting along with some money. Be vigilant to give exact figures about the revenue you are excepting to generate, number of transactions, etc… Otherwise they could deny your application.

Once your application is accepted then you can have the check performed by payment processors like service socket layer certificate, office address, contact information and a guarantee of the products you have offered.

Now you know all the things that you need to accept credit cards on your website, you should get yourself started. It is not easy to setup all these things but all they require is a little hard work. Once this al been set, you would be accepting credit cards to your website and making some bucks online.