How Much Does It Cost to Set Up a Website?

New webmasters are always skeptical how much a website would cost them totally from registering to domain name to web hosting. This article would quote you all the prices and the requirements needed to set up a website from beginning.
Approximate Money necessitate Step by Step

Cost of each and every company changes from time to time. So, we would give you approximate figure that would differ only a little from the amount you are going to pay. I have linked to all the companies where you would like to visit for choosing the following list.

1. Domain Name

Domain name is the name of your website. When you go to any website the name appears on the top of the browser in bold is the domain name. It is also the URL of your website. The first step to create a website is to register a domain. The cost differs from registrar to registrar but it generally cost around ten dollars for a year and it can be upgraded up to five years. There are registrars who offers discount of 2-5% if you buy domain for five years. You can check the whole list on Tips to Register a Domain Name.
There is no second option. You want to own a website then you got to have a domain name. It is always advisable to register domain from a renowned registrar that offers various functions like selling your domain, setting name servers, etc… This is the first and essential factor and its cost must be included while setting the price. There is always a choice and there are options where you can start without spending a buck but that is not fruitful and if you want to make money through your website you have to register a domain. Websites that do not own a registered domain name and rely on others then most likely all their efforts sooner or later will be in vain. They have to include the name of their host in the domain name and after sometime they are going to charge you with fees and then you will not have any option but to pay for it.

2. Web Host

Web hosting is the space that is required on the server to make your website online. Domain name is just the name you have registered and web host is the place where your website is uploaded. When a visitor types the URL of your website then http request the server to release the pages.

The fees required for web hosting generally charges monthly but they offer reduction of 7-12% if you pay for a the whole year. The prices vary from one hosting to another but it would at least cost $4-$5 per month if you do not have millions of visitors. The amount of space required is also the price deciding factor. If you have simple static website then it will cost you as it was costing you earlier until you have too many videos, audios or large images on your website.

The price depends upon your target. If you just want to create a website as your interest or hobby, or some personal websites that are not important than you can also opt for free web host providers. They are generally not advisable to use but you can use them for learning purpose but if you want to generate some revenue than you must pay for a web host.

It is vital to note that most of the time these servers would be down and visitors would not be able to visit your website at all. I have heard stories about free hosting and sometimes there server are down up to five or six months. This is the case then you surely won’t get a visitor, nor a sponsor and neither will you make money or promote your products and services.

I have seen that they offer something that is very hard to refuse. They have listed that they have very large funding from different ventures around the world and your website would be live 24/7 and all these things but when I use them they all have very different story. Some of them do not have an FTP function and want me to design my website just by their weird site builder. They impose me with advertisements all over the website which is not tolerable at all and still you want to give it a try you would surely put yourself in trouble.

3. Software

The type of software depends upon your requirement to the type of website you want to make. If you want to make an e-commerce website then you should use Magento or just simple static website then you have to use Dreamweaver. You have to also pay if you are making an e-commerce website that accept credit card on your sitecost

If you want to make a blogging website then you can use WordPress them and install them. They are very user friendly and easy to handle.

There is another option for blogging software which is content management system. The “CMS” is a application that is installed in your site and let you update your site by modifying information and creating new web pages. It will not cost you a buck until you opt for it paid version that has new features and very easy to use.

In addition to Content management software you would require File Transfer Protocol client. It is a software that almost all the web hosting companies offer unless you go for free web hosting. If you know the designing of a website then it is all easy. Then all you have to pay is for a domain name and web hosting. It is the most economical way to set up a website but if you do not know about all that stuff then Dreamweaver would be the best option but it cost us too much and you have to pay a hefty amount for it. It would cost around four hundred dollars but the good news is that it is a onetime fee. Once you have paid for it than its all yours.

You can also choose online site builder and to use them is as easy as to change the dp of your facebook account. You also want a logo for your website and for it you need to have photo editing software. You want to edit imag, resizing and adding all kind of effects that’s possible than you should go for Adobe Photoshop. Yes, it is very expensive and it would cost around six hundred fifty dollars.

4. Advertising

If you seek online visibility or you want to sell your services or your products around a particular area or all over the country. Then you should spend some money on advertising. There are infinite numbers of methods to advertise. If you are selling something within around an area then you should opt for newspapers, if you are selling something all over the country then you can promote on TV commercials or you can promote as a advertiser on other websites.

It is difficult to guess a price as it depends entirely on the type of advertisement and place where you want to use but if you want to sell your stuff as most as you can then it would at least cost $700. You can also take the help of social networking sites to advertise you product. It will not even cost you a buck and give you online exposure.

You have to invest some money while creating a website and if you and shrinking your budget then you are soaring up the difficulties you are going to face in future.