Commencing a newsletter on your website

Starting Your Own Newsletter or Ezine

You may own a website in which you can write anything you want, but there are many pros of commencing your own newsletter.

a) You will be able to remain in contact with your customers.

b) If you launch a new product or service your customers would know it immediately.

c) If you add something new in your website like new posts, you would be able to proclaim it through newsletter.

By publishing a newsletter you are able to reach your audience more proficiently. They get what they have subscribed for. They are beneficial for you as well as your audience. By reading newsletter they will return back to your website to make sure they have not missed your services you offer.

Running a Newsletter

There are some things you have to keep in mind while running a newsletter

1. There should be a way for your visitors to leave their mail or either sign up.

2. You should be able to send a mail to the whole mailing list of your subscribers.

I have assumed that you own a website that is why you are thinking of starting a newsletter. If you do not have a website you can learn to create a website.

You can use a Third Party Service

You should use a third party service that will act as a mediator or referral between you and your visitors. In this way you would be able to focus on your content to publish for your audience. There is both free and paid mailing service available that handles all the work of mailing to your clients.

The benefits of using third party services are as follows:

1. You do not have to bother about managing anything by yourself. New Subscribers, unsubscribe to your site are managed by them.

2. When you use these services, they do not add any subscriber who just given his mail. They will send him an email which requires him to verify that mail and then only they will be added to the subscription list. You might be thinking that this is unnecessary and it cost you some clients. In this way people will at least not blame you of spamming and it would confirm that another person is not using other’s email address.

3. This would ensure publicity and build reputation among your visitors with trust. I have built many visitors by publishing an email newsletter. They come to my site and if they find it informative they subscribe to the email newsletter. If you are using free third party service it will benefit you but having paid services will make everything sure that everything is at their right place.

4. All you have to do is go to their website and sign up for their services. You do not have a need to acquire knowledge of softwares that are building for publishing newsletters like Smartlist or Listserv.

There are some cons of using these services as well and you may encounter the following trouble.

1. If you are using paid services than cost can be the factor for you. They charge according to the number of mails you are going to send to your subscribers, the bandwidth you have utilized and no. of mails of your visitors you have.

2. If you are using free services than they can add some sort of advertisement in their newsletter to offset the price of free services. It is comprehendible as they will do something for their free services. Well, if you do not mind the cost than definitely you should go for paid services.

3. They do not give you full authority of your subscribers when you use these free email newsletters. When I Sign Up for free service I had to create three separate mailing lists but there was no way to do it. They left me with only one option to have only one list and to publish my content for all the subscribers. I cannot make separate columns for my list and these are some major setbacks of using third party services.

4. You have to completely rely on the services of these mailing hosts. I have heard that 40% mail do not reach to the subscribers who are using free services and if they are not reaching you have incurred loss.

Using Your Web Host’s Service

You do not have to use these third party services. There are alternatives of it too. These services are also provided by your web host and if you are running your website on paid hosting than most likely they offer this service. They provide fair services. They would let you have full authority of newsletters. They would let you handle confirmations, subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

It has many advantages. You are paying for hosting services so you do not have to pay for it as it comes bundled with hosting package. They would not interfere and embed some sort of advertisement on it. It is ad free. You can limit the number of subscribers, send unlimited messages, block some subscribers, make separate mailing list and so on.

The only drawback of using your web host mailing service is that they limit no. of subscribers. This is too necessary to prevent server overloading. Server may get overloaded and will get down. To ensure 100% up time they limit number of subscribers.

Making Your Own Mailing Script

If your host does not offer mailing services even than you can have this service as there are plenty of PHP and PERL scripts available. All you have to do is download them and install on your website.

These are the software’s that are written on either PHP or PERL and have size around 6-10KB. They offer your subscribers to subscribe and unsubscribe. When a visitor subscribe they immediately send an email to they must click in order to authenticate subscriptions. Some scripts just send an email and tell them how to unsubscribe and its use. If your subscribers send you message to the mail address of the newsletter you have to delete the mails and subscriber if you keep on receives bounced messages.

Running Your Own Newsletter from your Email Software

It might be possible that you have less number of subscribers and if this is the case than you should use email software’s o run newsletters. In this case your mailing list will not be long and you can easily manage your subscribers by your own.

This has a clear benefit as you don’t have to rely on third part service nor on the web host. You do not have to worry about the limit of subscribers or either reaching your bandwidth but it has drawbacks too and some of them are listed as follows:

1. The most disadvantage thing is that you email software should remain connected to the internet otherwise you would not be able to receive subscribers. So, you must have a permanent internet connection. If you are busy and not able to make up on time then surely you will lose subscriptions. You have to process subscriptions within a span of few hours; otherwise most of the people would forget that they have visited your website and subscribed for it. If you sent conformation request after some time of subscription people will think of you as spammer and can report against you.

2. If your subscriber send you bound messages than there is not a way to delete it or stop them. You have to delete them manually.

3. It depends on the type of internet connection and speed of it. If you face issue connecting to internet than you can spend hours just clearing an issue which result in loss of time and if you have more number of subscribers than it would be too much hectic for you to handle newsletter.

What to publish on NewsLetter?

It is your choice only to publish anything in the newsletter but you have to be cautions so that you can attract visitors through your newsletter.

Some webmasters use to proclaim their new product. For example my newsletter will mail to my subscribers every time I publish a new post. Obviously, you can make your subscribers how to take full advantage of your website. Things that they can buy things they can learn but whatever you publish should not contain more than 200 words and it must be catchy to the people who read it. You should not write a long article and mail to your subscribers because it would be boring to read and if you keep on making these mistakes there are very high chances that people would delete your mail straight away without reading it.

If you do not have anything significant to write than do not publish your newsletters unnecessarily. Suppose you have written a post on how to earn money from your website than you can publish in your newsletter like “Top 10 methods to make money from your website and earn your living”. It should be short, so that it will not take your subscribers more than 20-30 seconds to read it.

I use newsletter and RSS feeds both but some of the webmasters do not use email newsletters as they think RSS feed is suffice but If you are a newbie and your website is not popular than you must have a newsletter on your website. RSS feed does not require anything and all you need is a web browser which all the people would have.

How to Format your Newsletter?

In simple text or using HTML you can publish a newsletter.

If you are using HTML you can easily edit fonts, colors and whole style of the newsletter. Through HTML you would be able to create your own newsletter. The bad thing is they are considered as spam and no one likes it. They are big in comparison to normal texts and you might be using third party mailing service where they have limitation of bandwidth, so you must keep that thing in mind.

I like sending newsletter in plain text and if you would like to do the dame you can do the following things.

1. It is advisable not to write more than 60 words in a line. If you would keep more than 60 characters your mailing service can wind it up to the 60th +1 character and than your message would appear like someone has cut it down from the end.

2. Give a line break after each paragraph

3. There are users who keep the font of text variable. Some of them like to have big fonts up to 16-18 pixels and some use regular fonts 11-15 pixels. If their font will vary than the words on the line will vary. So, if you are using special symbols like hyphen or any other than keep it to limited to 60 characters.

4. When you put link in newsletter do not in anchor text. Just mention the URL they are supposed to go like Mailing software will convert them into clickable one so you do not have to close into HTML tags.

5. When you are enclosing your mail, use the anchor tag and use mailto tag like:

Your mail