Best WordPresss Plugins of 2020

1. Google Sitemaps

This plugin will automatically update XML file by adding your new pages and posts. It will create a sitemap and will submit it to Google which will help your website to index better and in a way you want to get it indexed. All type of WordPress pages are supported by this plugin.

Features of Google SiteMap

  • It Lets you indexed your website and if you do not want to include certain pages and posts, you can do that to.
  • Index the pages of your website faster than usual.

2. All in One SEO Pack

Your site is on WordPress platform than this is the plugin you should be using. You can do the optimization of your pages easily through it. It allows you to add keywords, description and title of your posts.

You can download the plugin from here: all in one seo plugin

Some of its key features are

  • It allow you to add meta keyword tags into your posts and pages
  • It allows you to add meta description tags to your posts
  • Meta Title Tags
  • User-friendly and very easy to use

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin is very useful when it comes to SEO. It is easy to use and lets you handle robot.txt and .htaccess file.

Key Features of Yoast

  • It will create XML Sitemaps
  • It will create RSS feed
  • You can access robot.txt and .htaccess file.
  • Meta keywords, description and Title

4. Contact Form 7

You can make more than one contact form. They are powered by AJAX and are spam free. They also have CAPTCHA images installed and make sure that no robot is able to pick your mail.

contact form 7

    Key Features

  • Multiple contact form on single page
  • Protection from span
  • CAPTCHA images

5. Jetpack by lets your site to host on their platform and this plugin lets your self-hosted account to host on them.

    Key Features

  • It lets people comment on your site by using their social accounts
  • It lets you to have latest tweets in your site
  • Likes on your posts that builds the trust on your posts
  • Contact forms enable
  • Easy to use

6. Invite Friends To Register

This plugin lets you invite your friends. You will be able to mail this site to your colleagues and invite them to register.

    Key Features

  • It lets you invite more than one friend a t a time
  • It stores registered user in its database


Most of the people would try to spam your website. Askimet is the service that lets you know whether a comment is a spam or not and lets you review it

Askimet plugin

Key Features

  • A complete history of comments. Some of them would be cleared by them as spams and some would be modified by the admin.
  • Some try to gain attention through your website but it clearly shows the links even if they are hidden.
  • If you are unable to reach their service this plugin will try to connect to Askimet Services automatically.

7. WP-DBManager

This is a WordPress Database Manager. It allow you to create tables and allow your users to run those queries you want. In case something goes wrong they have a backup database that will store all the sessions, comments, email contacts.

Key Features

  • It lets you optimize your database
  • Run selected queries only
  • You can add tables to database just by drag and drop.

8. WP Job Manager

This plugin lets you manage add and categorize jobs for users on your site. This works best when you are submitting Guest Post on your Website, you can categorize and let your user submit his post to a particular category.

wp job manager

Key Features

  • Lightweight plugin and easy to use.
  • Let your users to see if a new job has been listed through RSS feeds.
  • They can manage their profile and each category can be tied to a email or website address.

Page Builder by Site Origin

It is one of the most wonderful plugin. It lets you add or remove widgets and gives you complete freedom of your page. You can add calendar, newsletter, facebook social plugins and buttons. Google+ just by a simple Drag and Drop. Later on if you do not want something just hit the delete button.

It comes with a list of free installed widgets. It almost supports all types of widgets into every page of your site. It is the best plugin to configure the design of your site
OnePress Social Locker

One press social locke

It is a lightweight plugin and does not affect the loading time of your website. The user would be able to access the content of your website by using any of their social accounts from facebook, twitter and Google+. You must be vigilant while using this plugin otherwise it would end up making your visitors navigating away from screen.

The benefit is that if your visitors will unlock content through social media, other people would also make up to your website but you should install them on selected posts only.