Best Free Android Apps


It happens many times that we came across a great news, game or article but due to some reason we are not able to do it and after it we try to remember but not able to do it. Pocket is the app that you can pocket any video, article, website and you can even view it without even internet connection. It means once you pocket anything you are good to go.


If you like to read books. Then this is the app you have been looking for. You can not even read more than 100K books online but you can also see reviews about them. You can keep a separate shelf of what you have read or you would like to read. They have more than 1 million members with over 400 million books. Now you know how amazing this app is.


You must have seen how iphone users get and send all their chats to their Desktops or Computers. If you want to show what an Android OS can do, install this app.


It is like journal which you have installed on your phone. It reforms all the mews around the world into tiny images with caption and text news. It also has a added feature of plugging your LinkedIn and other social profiles on into the journal with the ability to share it with friends and family.


If you would like to call for free, then this is the app. You can call, text for free but you can only call from viber to viber. There are some cons too that you must be having 3G and sometimes the clarity is not up to the mark. Viber run on many OS like iphone, Windows, iphone and blackberry OS.

ESPN Score Center

You always wants to be updated with the score board and do not want to miss any news related to favorite sports team, then this app would do the rest. It also has a plug in that allows you to see news from the homescreen of the phone.


It is huge store with a marvelous collection. It is similar to an online shopping but amazing that allows you to buy specific things that are very hard to get. It is not completely a store but also has much to offer about the places and what to discover.

Subway Surfer and Temple Run 2

If you have stolen something from temple and had a run before than the temple run 2 is something you should play. It has got new challenges, obstacles and updates that are freakishly addictive. The only thing that matters is how much run you can have.

Another game is Subway Surfer that is similar to temple run 1 but has something new in it. Believe me you would love to jump over trains and stations and love to have a narrow escape.

WhatsApp Messenger

It is surely the greatest and the fastest messenger in the history of apps designed for mobile phones. You can text chat and share videos with friends free for first year but then you have to pay $1 from the next year.

Sleep as Android

You can keep an eye on anybody but to watch yourself is the most difficult thing. This app tracks your muscle movements and keep the track when you have fallen asleep through its accelerometer and note the time. It also keep note of your snores and also play you lullaby. This app is paid but you can try it for free for the first 14 days.


The qwerty keypad has the con that you it forbid you to type very fast but through Swype you have to slide your finger as fast as you can and you would be able to type with the speed of bullet and its going to let your friends wonder how can you reply that fast. It takes some time to get into perfection but once it is into execution you can feel the speed.


You can receive and send pile of photos through this app. There is no need of an e-mail. All you have to do is select the number of photos and send it. It also lets you to take prints and it can be connected to any device with a high compatibility.


It happens many times we forget where we left our car. People who live in big cities and always have parking problem lift themselves from headache. It will track your car immediately if it has Bluetooth in it and it has just a price of two dollars which is definitely worth for.

Gas Guru

If you want to save money and do not want yourself to felt deserted when your car run out of gas then this is the app. It does not only allow you to seek the cheapest gas station in the nearby area but also lets you compare the prices.

Personal Finance keep the records when you have to pay bills and manage your financial accounts.


Many times we delete videos, photos and important files and contacts. We do it deliberately or accidentally but whatever be the case it keeps the deleted files and where there is no use we can empty this recycle bin.

Office Suite Pro

We have been using Microsoft Office since we are using computer but OfficePro is a much better app in Android than the Office of Windows. If you do lots of presentation from your phone then this is a fine app.


If you are addicted to internet and social networking and do not want to dawdle, then Mutely is the app worth for. It will automatically disconnect as long as you set the timer.

Evernote Food

If you are a food lover and want to keep note where you ate with the descriptions and have the recipe in your notes.


You do not want lost your phone and hope that you will have your phone back that somebody will seek it and return it to you. The Cerberus from its front facing camera takes photos and then login. It has the ability to track the phone. This app is free for a week and then you have to pay four dollars for it.