Best Blogging Platform to start a website – A to Z Guide

It is great you have decided of blog. The very first step is to get a domain name and a web hosting. Now, the nest step is to choose a blogging platform that must be user-friendly, have lots of pre-installed themes, plugins, etc. and flexible enough to fulfill your every expectation. There are bunch of blogging platform available today. I will discuss about each of them and which would be the best according to your needs.

Almost all of them are free platforms and a user friendly. Some of them comes with built in plugins that help you promote your products and services while some need you have a web hosting and just install these platform and you would be good to go. Here is a list of some best blogging platforms:

1. WordPress Blogging Platform

Undoubtedly it is the widely used blogging platform around the globe. It comes into two different variations: and I have already discussed in detail the difference between and

The basic difference between the two is web hosting. is installed on the self-hosted paid hosting while is hosted on their platform, on their server and it would be completely free as you do pay under certain conditions that are they will display ads on your site to offset the cost of hosting and you have to pay some money if you do not want these ads on your site. It costs around $15.

If you would ask any good blogger, he would recommend WordPress and that means a self-hosted WordPress site. Self-hosted means paid hosting and it is the best way. Getting a Domain name is affordable while taking a web host does not cost you too much until you have too many websites and every website is too heavy.

best blogging platform of 2020

What exactly WordPress Offers

You do not have the need of programming or any technical intelligence. If you have changed the dp of your facebook account, it is as simple as that.

1. Wide Variety of themes

There are thousands of free themes available on their website but having a premium theme gives your site better look and professionalism. The premium themes are also search engine friendly that boost your chances to rank in the first page of search engines.

2. Large range of plugins

It has every possible plugin possible and most of them are free. They have some of the best plugins which is hard to find in any other blogging platform.

3. User-Friendly WidgetBar

They have large range of widgets and only a drop is enough to make them appear on your website. Fine Interface of lets you enable as many widgets as you want.

My advice is to go with the blogging platform. This is the best and good for you if you want to generate income from your blog. If you are repellent to this platform then there are many other alternatives.

2. Drupal

It is right to say that it has functionality more than a blogging tool but most of the people utilize it to blog. If you want to forum, e-commerce website that includes payment methods than you can use Drupal. It has a fine content management system and it has not as user-friendly as WordPress and also it is a little tough to use it.
It is not optimized for blogging and it requires some work before you blog. It is a good choice if you want to run more than one blog that has multiple authors. This is not it as there is need of some programming before going to opt for it.

1.You must know HTML and CSS. If you do not know these languages than it would be a daunting task to use this platform.

2.Learning HTML and CSS is easy but you should be able to write PHP programs of intermediate level. So, more than basic knowledge of PHP is required.

Even if you know all the above stuff you have to decipher there source code and it would require both time and mind. Creating a website of your own and making it live is easy rather than deciphering someone else code. In other words go for Drupal if :

1. There is strict need to support multiple authors for multiple bogs and Drupal would deliver more than your expectations.

2. if you like programming and do not mind going through their source code. Las but not the least, it is a free of charge.


I am not a great fan of this platform but it is quite easy to set up a blog, everything is user friendly and easy to put. They too have widgets but all of them are limited and in comparison to WordPress, it is not as flexible.

It is free of cost and easy to set up a website but in terms of generating money it will not turn out as good and if your site grows than other platform would be a better option.

4. Square Space

The best feature about this technology is their Layout Design. If you have used WordPress platform before you would notice this thing immediately. This platform is user-friendly and everything is easy to use. They have provided drag and drop option so making a customized theme with this platform is fantastic. You can have everything exactly where you want.

This platform is very useful if you have to use all the components like forums, e-commerce website, etc. together. If you have a blog and e-commerce website that need to work on the same domain then this is the platform for you. They have amazing interface for both of them working together.

The only setback it has is that it is a paid platform. However, the cost is affordable as it starts from $24 per month. They have many free themes and you would be able to blog and sell your products simultaneously.

Another advantage of this platform is that they host website on cloud hosting. So, there is no chance of downtime and other precautions taken by the webmaster.

1. You would be able to register a domain name free of cost.

2. There is 24/7 support and they have technical experts who would solve any technical problem if detected within a short span.

3. They have also apps for the iphone and Android that would keep you up to date with the web status.

4. They have a mobile responsive design and you do not have to worry about the responsive design. Every template on SquareSpace is mobile responsive.

It comes into three different packages which are:

Square SpaceStandard

1. They offer galleries and 20 pages.

2. Since this package costs low money and they have limitations to bandwidth, storage capacity.

3. They offer a free domain name.

4. It would cost around to $8-$10.

2. Square Space Unlimited

1. It does not have limit to pages or galleries.

2. This package also offers a free domain name.

3. It would cost around to $16-$20.

3. Square Space Business

1. If you have a plan to build a large store and run a blog then this is the package for you. It offers a numerous free themes with physical and digital products.

2. They offer unlimited pages on this package.

3. There is no limitation on bandwidth and storage.

4. Free Domain Name

5. This package would cost you some money between $24-$30 per month.


This platform is similar to other platform but with major advantage as it promotes you content on its own network. It also offers exact analytics which help you understand the needs of your customers.

1. This platform has the ability to sell your products.

2. You would be able to easily publish your content through mobile or even via mail.

3. Earn more money by joining their affiliate programs and selling their band on your site and also earn revenue with other ads.

It is a paid blogging platform and would cost to around $8-$30 per month depending upon your requirement. The good thing is that they provide a trial of 2 weeks.

6. Blogging Platform

This blogging platform often makes headlines. They have interactive functionality and within a short span you can make a great website.

They have some mind-boggling features that include:

1.It posts videos, txt and content and other things on your Tumblr Blog that is verified by a mail address.

2.They offer a toll free number on which you can call and it would be shared among your followers.

3.It offers Reblog Option that would reblog your content on your other Tumblr Blogs.

4.They offer short URL for a page or a post so that it would be easily shared on social media without occupying much space.

5.They also have a Tumblr app for Android.

6.It will not cost you a penny as it is free with the functionality to use Custom Domain.

7.It easily integrates your account with the Google Analytics.

8.You can use a number of themes available on their platform.

President Obama use Tumblr to blog.

7. LiveJournal Blogging Platform

This platform is best if you want to run some hobby or personal websites which has powerful community. At the time I wrote this article it has over 65 million journals and more than 12K posts in a day.

It is also mobile responsive. It is not the best option to get started but has offers good interface if you want to make a personal websites. From the point of view of making money it is not good and the developers of this platform agrees too that the content on this platform does not get indexed in the search engines.

8. Platform

It is a user-friendly platform and you can choose from a number of themes to start a website, although they have some premium themes.

1. They would offer a sub domain.
2. Free of charge
3. Number of available free and premium themes.
4. SEO friendly blog.
5. Multiple authors would be able to posts content for the same domain.
6. They have privacy settings.
7. You would be able to earn money from your blog.

Premium features on

1. They put ads on your site to offset the cost of server and if you want to remove these you have to pay around $20-$30 annually.
2.They offer storage capacity up to 2GB for free but would charge if you exceed this limit and that would cost starting from $20 for a storage capacity up to 30GB.
3. Your website would be able to support multiple authors but that would also cost up to $25.
4. They have unlimited free themes but they have premium themes which are worth and costs starting from $50.

8. Blogging Platform

It is a blogging platform that displays posts in full window irrespective of the device. This platform is not as good for blogging but it is specially built for photographers. If you are a photographer or I is your passion and want to make a website than surely is the place you have to go.

Besides images, videos are the things that are displayed in a very elegant style.

1.Images are displayed in Slideshow according to the time limit you have decided.

2.Play videos in full screen that makes the experience of the user incredible.

3.The content would be displayed with a image background that is related to the subject.

9. Weebly Blogging Platform

It is basically a website builder for peoples who do not have any technical knowledge and want to get started as they provide hosting too.

Feature is this Platform is:

1.They have a website builder especially build for newbie’s and all you have to do is drag and drop. There is no need of programming or any other skills.

2.The hosting offered by them is powerful and have 100% uptime.

3.Wide range of free themes.

4.They have an iPhone app.

They also have premium version which have more additional features like White Label. In premium version the ads that are displayed by them to offset the cost of website and hosting would be completely removed and full authority of your website would be given to you.

It is quite similar to WordPress and has a CMS, changeable themes, widgets, customization and other functionality that makes it a better choice for bloggers.

You can also modify the CSS and HTML to have better customization if you have knowledge of these programming languages. The premium version would cost $7.95 for a month.

Choosing The Best Blogging Platform

There are plenty of blogging platforms available but WordPress is surely the best and from WordPress I mean Get your own domain name and web hosting and installing a WordPress on it would be the best if you want to stay in the long run to make money.

You might have some fantastic content but that would not be suffice if it will not appear in the search engines. Even if you are creating a personal or hobby website, you cannot underestimate your potential. My advice would be to pay some money and make a proper website.