7 Things you know while buying a WordPress Theme

You have to choose a WordPress theme to get your online presence. Of course you can learn to make your own theme and website but that would take time.

WordPress is the major platform and if you buy a premium theme it would get you started immediately rather than built a website.

There are literally thousands of themes available and the process of choosing the right one that suits your business is overwhelming. This could take time but it is vital to make sure that a theme you will select must suit your audience.

You must know what you are searching for and have a clear idea of your business. If you know your business that the only things you need to know is what to avoid and a bit of research of that theme and make sure it will satisfy your needs.

Important points you should keep in mind before making purchase and making it final

1. Will you be extending your Theme?

It is not plausible that you can edit the theme as you want after making it final. WordPress themes have edit options but if keep on adding new features than the size and where to place the functionality needs a thought.

If you want to extend the functionality of theme too much then you must have a very simple design that is very lightweight and offers simple navigations.

Themes with simple design allow you to add more functionality when you want to customize it. If you have chosen a theme with many features than adding the new functionality will be very limited.

2. Know exactly what you’re looking for

how to select a right wordpress themeYou must create a list you want to have in a theme. Here are some features follows that you might search for:

a) Widgetized Sidebar

b) Feature not to add each sidebar on every page. In this way, you would be able to customize each and every page individually.

c) If you are selecting online selling of certain items, than progressbar, slider and datepicker.

If you would make a list of features together, the theme would be easy to find but if you keep seeking without having a idea of what you want, you might get lucky but if you play the cards with mind you do not have the need to be lucky.

3. Where to find free and premium WordPress Themes

There are two places where you can look for wordpress themes. You can go on either wordpress.org where there are many authors who have build wordpress themes and wordpress have accepted their themes or you can go on some websites where you can download a WP theme for free or pay for it. Both of them have some advantages and disadvantages. I will discuss each of them in detail.

Official directory of WordPress.org

Advantages The themes available on wp.org are free and they do not charge a penny. They have a rating system and reviews for each website that make your selection easier.

Disadvantages: The theme available would not be exactly what you are looking for. Though they would be widgetized but they have very less features.

Websites that offer WP themes

Advantages: They would have exactly what you need. Their code is elite and support is always there. Most of the themes have responsive navigation and you can easily make choice by reading reviews and features as well as demo.

Disadvantages: The good themes are generally paid ones and you might need to purchase a license which will cost you more money. Some features can be easily done with the help of plugins and widgets but they have added more features than required.

If you keep aside some of its disadvantages going to theme shops is what I would recommend for you. They charge money but it is only a onetime fee. Best place to select themes are Elegant Themes and studiopress themes. Themeforest offers a wide range of themes. You will find any possible theme here by some of the world class authors. The only con here is that they have such a wide range that it is not possible to make your mind and you will face some difficulty while choosing a theme of your needs.

4. You must watch the author profile

There is something you must know. Some of the authors know the functionality but they change it slightly of what they have made in the past. This is the truth that they make so much themes on less time.

So you should seek them on search engine and look out for their work in the past and the degree of similarity to the theme you are going to buy or you would like to buy.

If you so not find anything when you Google their name it is probably they have started their career as a designer but you will find most of the authors and their other themes.

If you seek a free theme by the same author, install it to wordpress and play around and you will know what the difference is. If the difference is very minute then you have find your theme.

5. Read reviews

The must thing you should do while picking up a theme is read reviews. It does not mean a god rating theme has it all. You cannot spend without doing some research. Look if someone has pointed some issues in technicality or something. If they have said something than would it affects the purpose of your site or not.

See it is customizable as surely you want to add something so make sure it is editable and easily support plugin and widgets.

One more thing you can do is Google the name of theme, you will find some other website that offer this theme and reviews on other website as well.

Select a theme that will you will not have to change otherwise it will get to your head after some time.

6. Do they offer well documented Theme?

If you do not know the coding in WordPress then the theme should offer good documentation. If they do not offer well arranged documentation than you will spend time figuring out how to get things in order.

If it has a dashboard that allow you to change the background color, adding logo easily than it is suffice or they should offer complete guide how to edit some functionality.

Having a good documentation will save you time otherwise you would be dawdling most o the time wasting both money and time.

7. Do they offer support?

It is a little similar to previous point. You should look out if they offer support or not as you can face some difficulties.

Some developers so not offer any type of support. All you can do is post a question and wait if someone has a solution to your problem.

Website that offer premium themes most likely offer support and they would respond quickly if you face some difficulty.

If they offer contact with the developer of the theme than you do not need support as they will get you out from trouble.


I would recommend you to buy theme that run on Genesis framework. Through this framework search engine optimization comes in handy and StudioPress fit perfect in this category.

I am a web developer myself and configuring some things is very easy on Genesis. I am not forcing you to use their themes. You can use any theme you want but make sure they they have what I have mentioned above.

Other thing is that they have a responsive design as your website would be viewed in different size and on mobiles. Another thing to look out for is that they are compatible with all the browsers. Some of the web developers do not design themes on the compatibility of IE but still there are millions of people who are using Opera and IE, so compatibility with all the browser is a must.

The best marketplace is the themeforest as they have thousands of themes. The thing you should know is that anyone can sell his theme on Themeforest so there are also some weird ones out there but there is no doubt they have the best collection of themes.