5 major mistakes everyone do while creating website

You want to create a website or you have made one. There should be one reason that your site should generate revenue in future but there are always some mistakes that webmasters do while creating a website. These mistakes result in failure of a good quality website. Be cautious so you do not make any of the following mistakes.

1. Free Web Hosting

Many people think that affording a web hosting is costly. They can afford it but they do not want to risk their money. Let me make you one thing very clear. Winner is always the person who plays the game. If you afraid of playing the game, you cannot win.

There are many free web host available but the truth is it is worthless to use a free hosting. You can use free web hosting to learn how this thing works but if you want to make money, you must have a paid web host that offers .htaccess and File Transfer Protocol. Free web hosting do not offer these features that result into failure of a website in future.

The next thing is that even you have a free web hosting you must own a domain name. In this way you would be able to move your website in future.

If you think affording a web hosting is too much costly, than it is not. It will cost you at most from $2.95-$12, if you are choosing a good web host like hostgator or bluehost and the domain name would just cost $8-$12 for an year.

Starting a website requires a very little but necessary investment but the return it would give you would be way good if you are doing a job or something else for others.

You cannot sign for any advertisement program that could help you generating revenue as they would be displaying ads to counterbalance the price of hosting. You cannot add social plugins of major social media websites like facebook and twitter. What all they offer is a web builder to build a website that sucks. If I start elaborating the cons of free web hosting the list would be endless and there is only one pro and that is it they offer free web hosting.

They would kick out your website from their server which is all time down without any reason. You do not have a paid hoisting, you do not have website.

If you think you would move later on, than you will repent this think. If your domain name changes not only there will be a loss of visitors but you will also loose Domain Authority and Page rank.

2. Need to Focus

You might have a very good idea but people just won’t visit just because you have a fantastic idea. You have not done anything amazing because there are thousands of other websites that have great ideas. What you need to focus on is the proper implementation of that idea. It takes more than a great idea to build traffic.coomon web design mistakes

You should be able to meet the demands of a certain group of people that will come to your website. I order to do that a website must be oriented to a one particular subject. If you have a blogging website than you should write content keep your audience in mind.

What you can do is do a Keyword Research. This is to be done as soon as possible. This would give you crystal clear idea for what to write and for whom to write. You know the keywords but you have to use them in a limited otherwise you can get penalized by Google.

3.Either your Blog is too focused than necessary

The most famous blogging platform is WordPress and people just built a website because it is very simple to make a website. All you have to do is install a theme. A lot of webmasters organize their website by time and date and it looks like a journal and it is not a good way to organize your blog.

You have to make everything categorized so that visitors will not dawdle and find exactly what they have been looking for. While creating websites much of the information gets buried and it is mandatory to have a search bar. You do not have to create a blog if you do not want to but the good thing is that WordPress makes the navigation easy if there is right optimization of a theme.

4. Do not Avoid Business Aspect

You might be thinking you are doing some work online but as soon as you want to create revenue you have started a business. It does not matter the scale of business but what you need to comprehend is the supply and demand of for your customers (Audience). If you want to keep your visitors returning to your website than you should keep them engaged.

5. Commence your Service

If you are a newbie, you have just started and no one is searching for you people search for some valuable information. They have question, doubts and they want to have some information and your website could assist them. That is how people are going to search for you.

How can you promote your own product?

If you do not have enough capital to promote your website, it is advisable to start with a website that offers content to people and then you can sell products.

There are many bloggers like copyblogger who have built a readership among his visitors and then they have launched their products like themes and plugins to help their visitors out.

The reason why I am advising you to commence with a content website is that it appears in the search engine fast and you do need to spend money while writing content.

Let us suppose if you are selling watches online than people would search for websites that sell watches but you would not get ranked just because you have a website people will not search for you.