SEO Mashable offers complete Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, and Designing Services.

Why SEO Mashable?

Seomashable provides complete analysis and helps the webmasters to build relevant content marketing and inbound marketing strategies for their websites in order to achieve good rankings on search engines, especially Google. What we promise with specific keywords, we deliver.

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Search Engine Optimization

We do keyword research according to the products or services webmasters are offering and analyze the competition and make reports about the expected results before we start our work. Once keyword research is complete, campaign for the relevant projects gets started.

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Secure Payment Gateways

We use only Paypal and 2checkout as payment gateways. These are two of the most secure payment gateways and all the information about the transaction is safe. We also offer custom invoice options for customized packages.

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Dedicated Customer Support

Our customer support is top-notch and dedicated towards assisting customers. Each and every query is answered within 12 hours. You can reach out to us via email, customer support form or Customer Support Desk. We will try to respond as fast as we can.

Affordable Prices

We have kept our prices affordable. The main motive of our company is customer satisfaction and help as many businesses as we could. If the keywords you want to target are of high frequency, then you can consult with us before purchasing any product.

Our Dedicated Team

Our team works with you. We take inputs from the customer and try to come up with the best possible solutions whether it is for web development, Search Emgine Optimization, or Search Engine Marketing. You can have multiple revisions for Web Development services and we are happy with multiple iterations till our customers are satisfied.


We understand that every business is unique and therefore customers can order custom packages. We are not limited to particular products displayed on the website. You can let us know your requirements and we will design the best packages for you.

15 Steps [Workflow Task]

We follow a structured approach and keep the clients updated about each and every task we do.

Step 1: On-site Audit Report

Before starting the work, we do a full website analysis to get an in-depth SEO audit with an action plan. In this report, we mention the total time duration it took us to generate SEO reports; identify site-related errors & improvement suggestion; create long term action plan; analyze SEO visibility; check metadata and URLs; check backlinks profile; analyze page speed; perform content audit & analysis; analyze competitor’s website and so on.

Step 2: Audit Report Analysis

Next, we provide a ‘well-structured and informative’ analysis to rank a website. This report analysis goes in-depth on subjects like domain analysis; internal site problems; potential tech and code issues; broken links check; META issues (page title & description errors); site loading test; checking on-site level & off-page SEO issues; analyzing competitors, finding their strengths & weaknesses; SEO strategy & action plan for a website & optimizing it.

Step 3: Embed Analysis

Embeds your goggle map are certainly the most powerful practice for getting ranking in Google Top Pages. We have expertise in creating maps & layouts that’s customized to your needs. We help the site move up in ‘Google maps’; Performing analysis that lead to maps; Use data from databases to make maps; Improving ‘SEO’ rankings of Google map; Add Interactive Functionality; Digitization; Local ‘SEO’ Improvement to make a fully functional website.

Step 4: List of All Pages

We create a full ‘directory listing’ of your website using WordPress directory theme. In this listing we put together a ‘duplicate- free list’ containing all details such as business name; address; website, contact phone and e-mail all the way to individual social-media pages/followers. Overall, we create a full-listing of app/digital product on the website, including all necessary details.

Step 5: Page-By-Page Analysis

We do complete on-page audit and analysis of the website and provide ‘full-fledged’ report, which includes On-Page Optimization; Website Analysis/Technical Audit; Competitors Research; H1, H2, H3 Tag Creation; XML Sitemap/Robots.txt Creation; Internal Linking; Optimized URL; Meta Title/Description; Google Analytics & Search Console Set-up among many others. Overall, the report has real actionable measures that one can take to spike the Google rankings on the top.

Step 6: Technical SEO Analysis

We manually scan through the website and evaluate SEO Technicals to pin-point common errors and recommend essential site enhancements; improving overall SEO & online market reach. We undergo a complete ‘Technical Site Audit’ as per Google’s latest algorithm updates in order to identify & explain site glitches hindering SEO performance. The audit contains the following components: Checking Crawl Errors that usually impact SEO; Understanding & Managing Server Load Balancing Issues; etc.

Step 7: On-site Optimisation

As soon as we finalize the actionable measures on ‘Technical Report’, we dive straight into the process of optimizing website’s tech elements to ensure that search-engines can crawl; index and render the site more efficiently and effectively. In this process, we fix all crawl errors (identified during ‘Techincal Audit’); make every necessary change discovered from the "Inspect URL" feature and track report on changes; make sure site is ‘Mobile friendly’; perform loading speed tests & improve site speed by upgrading core metrics; check broken links & repair them; fix ‘duplicate title tag’ & ‘Meta Description’ issue; ensure the site has an optimized ‘XML’ sitemap; fix redirection/indexing/FAQ schema errors – among other possible issues within the website.

Step 8: On-site SEO Final Check

Later, we again run a full website audit to recheck on-site SEO score. Once, the evaluation is done, the report is shared with the relevant client to provide an accurate dashboard view of website’s performance. In our report, we include following key updates: listing results from the ‘Plan of Actions’ above; pinpoint errors & provide real-time corrections; recommend any required/or overlooked on-site enhancements.

To make the process smoother and maintain transparency, we maintain an excel sheets shaeed with the clients, a process where everyone knows the progress tbeen made until then.

Step 9: Keyword Research

We optimize the entire web content to make it more user-and-SEO-friendly. We create unique; strategy-based blog post ideas that help you ensure the content is successfully crawled by search engines, while our in depth research; skilled writing will keep readers hooked till the very end.

Our ‘SEO Content Optimization’ includes five components – Combining ‘Advanced Research Technologies’ with ‘High-grade Copywriting’ and ‘Refined Marketing Skills’; We Combine Highly-Skilled Writers with Influential Editors to Ensure Expert Content Each Time; Discover the Questions People Are Asking on Google About the Website Using Tools Like ‘’ or ahrefs ‘Questions’ feature; Our In-House SEO Expert Conducts the Research for Brand Growth; Keep All the Work Organized Using Google Drive, Trello and Slack So the Client Can Keep Track of the Progress & Performance.

Step 10: Content Calender

Further, we provide custom social-media content calendars for business, brand or product. Our content calendar is neatly set to outline weekly messaging themes with (daily) content sharing ideas for 4, 8 or 12 weeks. We work to make it easier for clients to get organized, build a campaign & post valuable content that help enrich the brand visibility.

In addition, we provide trending hashtags; audit your online presence and provide action plans with implementation strategies.

Overall, the client gets a Content Calendar; Custom Weekly Themes; Custom Ideas for Daily Social-Media Posts; Posting Schedule; Trending Hash-tags

Step 11: Content Writing

Blog posts, articles and other datasets are an exceptional way to improve any brand’s exposure; establish credibility and drive traffic through social-media. Frequently updating the website with keyword-optimized blog content; articles and posts is also brilliant way to boost the SEO.

We uniquely target following criteria:
Original, relevant and engaging content; free of distortions/plagiarism and Grammarly certified.
SEO-friendly title tags and meta descriptions, as well as organically placed keywords.
A royalty free image that is free to use along with the content on the website.
Multiple revisions to ensure the content is precisely tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Step 12: Content Posting

Our content calendar makes it easy to upload fresh content on a regular schedule. Since, our calendar keeps us updated on all the action so we post three-times a week to your site or release new content every week in the form of updates, Q&A sessions and relevant articles

Our experienced team write the content according to the specific niche and in a way that is eye catching to the visitors. We make sure to consult with the clients as well before posting the content to incorporate feedback.

Step 13: Content Sharing Across Social Media

Once the content is published, we immediately share it across client’s connected social-media channels such as Facebook; Linkedin; Twitter; YouTube and Instagram. Our SEO executive will ask for admin access to client’s social media accounts where he reserves right to edit; delete or post all content.

Step 14: Link Building

We use link-building strategies that are neutral, effective and help avoid excessive SEO risks. Our niche back-linking strategies help the website expand its traffic growth & strengthen brand awareness. Our link-building methods include:

Trusted Directory Submissions
Analyze Competitor’s Back-link Profile
Search Query for Scalable Link Building
Co-Citation & Co-Occurrence Link-Building
Content Creation & Marketing
Social Engagement Links
Link Acquisition

Step 15: Result

Our work process is result oriented. What we promise, we deliver.

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